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Published on 03 Feb 2021

Citrix Whitepaper - How to support more remote workers —without more IT complexity

Support More Remote Workers Without More IT Complexity

According to the PEW Research center, before the Covid 19 pandemic 7% of the US workforce would work form home on a regular basis. That number has increased to 64%. Remote working was already a growing trend but its adoption has been accelerated due to the global health crisis. With large number of people working from home, organizations need to reexamine their IT environment. There is a growing need for companies to be able to provide a scalable, secure and safe remote working environment to employees.

At the same time the budgets available to IT departments is shrinking. IDC predicts a 5.1%  drop in IT spending in the year 2020, while Gartner says that global IT spending will drop by 8%. This creates a challenge for IT teams that have to cater to unprecedented remote working demands with limited resources. 

IT Challenges related to remote working

Poor IT systems impact the efficiency of businesses. Employees will look for their own solutions if they find the IT systems and tools cumbersome. This increases a companies vulnerability towards data breach and increases the security risk. Organizations need to improve their IT systems so that they can: Future-proof their infrastructure in order to cater to an evolving and increasingly remote workforce

  1. Increase productivity of both remote as well as in house employees
  2. Enhance data security
  3. Reduce IT tickets, so that IT teams can focus on innovation instead of reacting to problems

Virtualization can help improve remote work experiences

Virtualization allows companies to simulate different hardware and test apps and solutions more quickly and efficiently. Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops can save companies a lot of time and improve the work experience both on site and remotely. There are three ways in which Citrix can help companies grow their IT infrastructure without increasing complexity:

  1. Improve the day-to-day management experience for IT Admins 
  2. Streamline the enforcement of security policies
  3. Choose a deployment model that is right for your organization

Remote working is here to stay. Organizations must figure out ways to offer employees flexibility in where and how they work. This means making intelligent choices on how to improve the IT environment without burdening IT teams that are operating on reduced budgets. Citrix is a cloud computing company that enables mobile workstyles.

Download this Whitepaper to learn more about why you need to focus on remote working and how Citrix can help you create an environment that is scalable, secure and flexible for a growing workforce. 





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