Leveraging Offshore Oil And Gas Construction Capabilities In Renewable Energy

Published on 11 Aug 2023

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Chiwan Sembawang Engineering is a well-known Joint Venture company with a great name for engineering and offshore building, particularly in the context of offshore wind farms. They are experts at offering full engineering, procurement, and onshore construction services for both offshore oil and gas facilities and offshore wind farms. CSE has become a major player in the offshore wind industry because it has a large yard that is 185,000 m2 and a 406-meter shore, providing ample space for constructing offshore wind farm components.

Their facilities have four heavy-duty construction skidways that help them do engineering jobs quickly and well, including the construction of offshore wind farm components. CSE excels in manufacturing many important products, such as jackets, topsides, mooring systems, underwater facilities, and jackets for wind farms and substations, further solidifying its position as a key player in the offshore wind farm sector.

As a Joint Venture business, CSE has the support of three well-known shareholders:

  • With a 36% stake, CNOOC Investment Holdings Co. Ltd. is a big shareholder.
  • Shenzhen New Nanshan Holding (Group) Co., Ltd. has a 32% part, which is a big deal.
  • Chixiao Enterprise Co., Ltd., with a 32% stake in the business.

What They Can Do


CSE has much experience and knowledge of international standards and rules for offshore oil and gas, which gives them a unique advantage in the renewable energy industry, particularly in offshore wind projects. With a highly skilled team and software for construction engineering, they have solidified their place as a leader in construction engineering efficiency for offshore wind developments.


The experienced frontline team and skilled staff at CSE are familiar with offshore engineering standards, which lets them find quick answers to common building problems, including those related to offshore wind projects. These methods include dimension control, distortion management, double-sided joint welding, and transverse crack control, all of which contribute to making their offshore wind projects safer and better.

Project Management

The project management team at CSE is flexible and can handle tasks with different difficulty levels. Their track record shows that they can finish jobs despite problems. By making the best use of resources across various projects, they ensure that projects are done on time and well.

Why Choose CSE?

Facility & Equipment

The fact that CSE owns vital equipment shows their dedication to being the best. Their crawler cranes, cutting equipment, pipe rolling equipment, and welding equipment, all of which they own and use themselves, are specially made for offshore wind power projects. This makes sure that the projects are more efficient and run smoothly.

Capacity Lifting 

CSE takes safety very seriously, especially in the context of offshore wind projects. They have a great method for managing lifting that has ensured no lifting accidents to date in their offshore wind projects. Their engineering-based Quickunhook® methods make it easy to disconnect the crane quickly after lifting, which cuts down on the time the crane must sit idle during offshore wind installations. In addition, they know how to handle up to 43 monthly lifts with multiple cranes during busy times in the offshore wind industry. Their commitment to safety and expertise in offshore wind projects has earned them a reputation for excellence in the renewable energy sector.

Engineers' Skills

As an offshore engineering and building company that works all over the world, CSE is familiar with many offshore industry standards, such as EN, DNV, API, AISC, JIS, AWS, ISO, SSPC, NORSOK, ASME, ASTM, and more. Their in-depth knowledge of energy company requirements helps ensure their projects are of the highest standard and follow all rules.

Welding Capacity

With more than 2000 Procedure Qualification Records (PQR), CSE can do a lot of welding. Their welding skills cover various materials, such as C-Mn steel, low alloy steel, and other unique ones. Their welding standards meet the highest standards in the business, and they can work with materials up to 110mm thick.

Inspection Technology

CSE's dedication to safety and quality is shown by how much they have invested in advanced inspection technology. This technology is used for measuring, painting, building, and inspecting. Their use of PAUT (Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing) technology instead of traditional RT (Radiographic Testing) and NDT (Non-Destructive Testing) inspection methods ensures that the best quality and safety standards are met.

Construction Technology

CSE's building skills include various cutting-edge technologies and methods, especially in the context of offshore wind farms, such as dimensional control, double-side welding, and transverse crack control. This ensures the best solutions for even the most difficult construction problems are found in offshore wind farm projects.

As the leader in offshore engineering and building for offshore wind farms, CSE has earned the trust of its clients by always putting safety, innovation, and quality first in their offshore wind farm projects. They are a good partner for offshore wind farm projects in the offshore energy field because they have a wide range of skills, put the customer first, and focus on sustainable practices in the development and construction of offshore wind farms. Their expertise and commitment to excellence make them a preferred choice for offshore wind farm projects.

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