Manage multi-cloud spending effectively

Published on 04 Jan 2023

multi-cloud solutions

Achieving cloud efficiency is not a one-time operation. Managing cloud prices vs performance has become a formidable obstacle for businesses. This is issue is more pressing due to the added complexity that many providers in multi-cloud platforms present.

Enterprises advancing along their cloud journey must use cost management measures to limit their expenditures. This will assist their investment in producing a meaningful commercial benefit.

The economics of cloud computing is inherently complicated. The acquisition of cloud services relies on many methods, such as determining which workloads fits a particular scenario. Effective multi cloud management requires a highly-skilled workforce to optimise cost and performance while ensuring oversight.

Despite its complexity, businesses are investing heavily in the cloud. Nearly half of all businesses invest at least $50 million yearly in the cloud. However, they tend to overprovision, resulting in waste and inefficient cloud resource use.

Orange Business Services offers 32 specialist services for all aspects of the cloud journey, including cloud preparation, cloud maturity, migration audits, multi-cloud IaaS, and cloud services training.

Our expertise can assist you in preparing for a cloud migration with a cloud readiness strategy, executing the migration, and providing ongoing management. Whether you are currently in the cloud, our specialists will evaluate your cloud performance and expenses to see if you are maximising the return on your cloud investment. In our experience, businesses barely use half of the cloud capacity they have acquired, allowing immediate cost reductions.

As you add services such as chatbots, data lakes, and artificial intelligence (AI), we may do further audits and assessments to guarantee that these services are optimised and performing efficiently.

Cloud services need continual revalidation and iteration of performance standards for continuing service enhancement. The sheer quantity of cloud-based goods and services makes this a complicated process that demands ongoing dedication. Continuous improvement is necessary for maximising the value of your cloud investment.

Bringing cloud pricing under control

On your path to the cloud, cost management is one of the greatest challenges you will need to overcome. Due to the complexity of the cloud environment, cloud costs may take time to anticipate. However, with the correct cost management and optimisation systems, you can eliminate waste, achieve considerable savings, and assure optimal return on cloud investment.

Cost optimisation, performance analysis, and organisational responsibility monitoring are not one-time activities. They must be performed continuously and maybe both complicated and time-consuming. This is why Orange Business Services offers a catalogue of professional services that enterprises may choose from based on their needs.

The emergence of pay-per-use

Frequently, cloud computing is provided as pay-as-you-go computing. But since businesses overestimate their needs, they waste cloud resources – and money – on capacity they are not using.

In addition, many businesses need to check their cloud utilisation regularly, so they overpay for services that are not being utilised. However, cost optimisation and performance audits are essential for providing businesses control and insight over their cloud expenditures.

It is essential to remember that you pay for your cloud infrastructure regardless of whether or not you utilise it. As opposed to enterprise-wide, uncontrolled purchasing of on-demand services, cost optimisation ensures that you maximise the value of your cloud spending.

In planning, budgeting, and predicting your cloud needs, it is crucial to optimise cloud costs. Our team of experts can assist you in making well-informed choices on your cloud infrastructure, apps, and services to get the expected return on your cloud investment.


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