Managed Threat Response (MTR) by Sophos

Published on 01 Aug 2021

White paper - Managed Threat Response (MTR) by Sophos

2020 saw an unprecedented number of data breaches and cybersecurity attacks against governments, organizations, and even individuals. Along with an increase in number the sophistication of such attacks also increased. Hackers started utilizing the latest technologies to carry out their attacks like machine learning, artificial intelligence, 5G, etc. According to a survey by Yahoo, 78% of IT professionals lack confidence in their company's cyber-security posture[1]. This is why many organizations in 2021 are looking to update their approach to security in order to keep up with the evolving threat landscape. This is where MTR, Managed Threat Response can be very helpful.

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What is Managed Threat Response (MTR)

Managed Threat Response is a service that is provided by expert vendors. The need for this service arose from the fact that many organizations lack the resources, skills and expertise required to properly monitor their IT infrastructure and assets, identify threats and respond to them effectively. The aim of MTR is to improve the way organizations detect threats, respond to incidents, and monitor their IT assets continuously. By hiring a service provider for MTR, organizations can draw on the provides experience and expertise. Instead of investing heavily in continuously updating the knowledge of their internal IT teams, organizations can trust that an MTR vendor will keep their IT infrastructure secure.

Common characteristics of MTR vendors

  1. Each individual MTR service provider has its own set of features. However, there are some characteristics that they all share in common. Some of these characteristics are listed below:
  2. MTR's primary focus is on the detection of threats and not on security compliance
  3. The MTR service provider will utilize their own tools, technology, and platform to render the service
  4. Though there is some automation in the service, humans play a key role in MTR
  5. MTR relies significantly on advanced analytics and security event management

Who is Sophos?

Sophos is a British security and software company that was founded in 1985. The company primarily focuses on providing security software to organizations that have between 100 to 5000 employees. Sophos's MTR services are award-winning and the company provides 24/7 support for threat hunting and support. Download this white paper by Sophos to learn about the key highlights of their MTR service. As well as get a better understanding of the tiers available for businesses. 


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