Real Organizations, Real Database Challenges

Published on 07 Apr 2022

Real Organizations, Database Challenges

Legacy infrastructure, restricted scalability, poor performance, and the complexity of database administration all contribute to the major difficulties that businesses and IT organizations confront when it comes to their infrastructure and databases. As a consequence of this, IT managers and database administrators demand a contemporary, adaptable, and easy-to-use solution that satisfies criteria regarding cost, performance, and security.

Ontario Nurses’ Association


More than 65,000 registered nurses, other healthcare workers, and 18,000 nursing student affiliations may be found throughout the province of Ontario, and the Ontario Nurses Association (ONA) represents all of them. They depend largely on their infrastructure to enable them to handle the negotiation of roughly 600 agreements, as well as to store past data for members and future cases.


The evaluation of the network indicated that it was out of date and obsolete, unable to provide dependable support for both ongoing activities and those that may occur in the future. In addition, the work that ONA does on behalf of the members that they serve is dependent on the performance and security of its systems. As a result, the Union needs new possibilities to strike a balance between performance and cost.


The ONA needs to be able to support its members with a wide variety of workloads and services, such as email and collaboration, office productivity applications, and its own custom-built Microsoft SQL database. The infrastructure provided by Nutanix is able to support all of these workloads and services.

International Retailer Attaches Nutanix Era To Hpe Greenlake System


This huge worldwide retailer manages its high-level information technology operations and datacenters for each significant area from a single central location, which enables it to run hundreds of shops in different countries all over the world.


Historically, database infrastructure depended on three-tier virtualization, which had started to push up operating expenses and was becoming more inefficient slow down the process of deployment. The old solution was dependent on outdated AIX technology, which required specific skill sets that were difficult and costly to get. These skills were challenging to source.


A database platform that allows for quick, self-service database setup while also reducing the amount of time spent on administration and expenditures.

Organization Devoted To Health Care


The promotion of safe and competent practitioners in the healthcare business has been the responsibility of this healthcare membership-based organization that is not for profit.


In order to satisfy its requirements, the firm utilizes more than 50 databases that are stored across 10 distinct database servers. However, the fact that it ran in such a wide variety of applications and contexts made it difficult to maintain and had a detrimental effect on performance.


This company was able to simplify its database and infrastructure management with the help of Nutanix HCI and Nutanix Era, which provided them with a unified interface that they could use to perform tasks with a single mouse click.


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