Reconsider your data center design

Published on 03 Sep 2020

Business leaders are eager to leverage new technologies, and IT leaders can’t afford to fall behind. Hybrid IT environments take advantage of private and public clouds but need enhanced security, automation, orchestration, and agility. Many are responding by building multi cloud data center networks that leverage automation and SDN. Different organizations have different needs, but here are four common inflection points that can help you make a business case for a data center upgrade.

Need for asset refresh:

The constantly evolving security landscape is significantly impacting data center refresh cycles, especially as organizations become increasingly aware of the need for automated infrastructure that is capable of improving protection against attacks

Improving security while ensuring availability and business continuity are key issues to consider when refreshing outdated data center assets. A refresh cycle also gives IT an opportunity to rethink traditional data center infrastructure as part of the shift toward a more agile and automated multicloud environment.

Multicloud Deployments:

The digital economy brings new opportunities to expand, requiring data centers to scale appropriately in a cost-effective manner. As such, organizations see data center expansions as an opportunity to embrace a multicloud strategy that provides needed scale and security while reducing downtime, accelerating business cycles, and ensuring business continuity


Competitive Advantge:

Success in today’s environment begins with the ability to meet customer experience expectations. Multicloud environments are instrumental in the transition from legacy to next-gen applications. For instance, a self-driving network empowers organizations to benefit from machine learning and intent-based capabilities. With the cloud playing a prominent role, enterprises will evolve from relying on primarily enterprise-grade networks to building out multicloud networks.

Application Performance:

Analytics, video services, and real-time applications can present significant challenges that, if left unaddressed, can degrade the user experience. Organizations are relying on their data centers to keep pace.

Security, automation, agility, and innovation are the benchmarks for the next-generation data center. To deliver, CIOs need to build self-driving, multicloud networks that support digital transformation and new service delivery.



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