Reimagining Cloud-Powered IT Organizations

Published on 09 Apr 2022

Cloud-Powered IT Organizations

The quickening rate of digital transformation imposes new requirements on IT companies to be more agile and responsive to strategic business requirements. IT teams must spend less time on infrastructure management and more time (and cash) on applications and services that bring value to the company for businesses to reduce their dependence on technical experts to maintain IT infrastructure. 

The opportunity to devote a greater proportion of staff time to business solutions as opposed to maintenance has been one of the key motivating factors for businesses to establish services on the public cloud. However, the majority of organizations still rely on numerous applications and services that were developed prior to the cloud era, and the legacy infrastructure powering these applications—consisting of servers connected to storage area networks (SANs)—makes it nearly impossible for them to realize the full potential of their public cloud investments.

More and more IT resources are being used on-premises by businesses, necessitating more flexibility and lower overall costs. Cloud-based IT increases the organization's simplicity, speed, flexibility, agility, and elasticity. IT that is driven by the cloud streamlines infrastructure administration, allowing IT and business teams to devote more resources to high-value projects, rapid innovation, and cloud initiatives. Cloud-powered IT companies leverage both public and private cloud resources more effectively, aligning the operational model for services running in data centers with those running in public clouds to achieve higher efficiency and agility in order to optimize business development.

This eBook describes how cloud-powered IT may help you prosper in the present and prepare for the future, all while boosting synergy between your on-premises infrastructure and public cloud services to establish a cloud-powered IT company. You will learn how to construct IT infrastructure that expands efficiently, is readily automated to save time and boost productivity and connects smoothly with the public clouds of your choosing.

How is cloud-based IT unique?

Cloud-powered IT simplifies IT administration via infrastructure modernization and automation to bridge the gap between your data centers and public cloud infrastructure, giving you more control over what is deployed where without the enormous agility sacrifices that have become all too frequent. By integrating an effective private cloud with your public cloud deployments, you can bring the benefits of cloud to your entire IT operations, automating manual tasks, shortening and simplifying planning cycles, and enabling self-service to accelerate the progress of developers and business teams, regardless of where their applications and services are deployed.

Private Cloud vs. Project-Specific Infrastructure

Traditional data center designs compartmentalize resources around certain applications or projects, which reduces agility and raises costs. Typically, one infrastructure silo is chronically under-resourced while others are over-resourced, but there is no simple method to rebalance them. Your team adds resources to certain applications or projects, which is an expensive, time-consuming, and disruptive operation, while other resources remain dormant.

Reduced Planning Intervals

Traditional data center resource planning takes three to five years, requires participation from various stakeholders, and mainly depends on at best unreliable projections. IT firms driven by the cloud may efficiently plan for considerably shorter time spans, such as a year, a quarter, or even a month. Infrastructure expands according to your real demands. Tools driven by AI reliably forecast when more resources will be required. As a consequence, you spend less time planning, can respond swiftly to changing business requirements, and may acquire equipment in quantities that need fewer interdepartmental clearances.

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