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Published on 07 Nov 2022

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Since 2009, customers from various sectors had run Windows workloads on AWS long before it was available with other cloud providers. We have the most expertise in operating Microsoft programs in the cloud, and our platform for Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server is superior.

Active Directory,.NET, SQL Server, Windows desktop as a service (DaaS), and supported versions of Windows Server are among the Windows components supported by AWS. We provide Amazon FSx for Windows File Server, the cloud's first fully managed native Windows file system. And with Amazon Elastic Block Store, we deliver dependable and efficient block storage for the most demanding SQL Server installations (Amazon EBS). With our demonstrated knowledge, AWS can assist you in selecting and implementing the optimal business solution. We have yet to see a Windows task that cannot be redeployed to operate at a reduced cost.

Windows on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) instances simplifies application portability, accelerates application development on AWS, and allows software reuse. You may deploy a single server instance or rapidly scale up to hundreds or even thousands of instances concurrently.

AWS is a tried-and-true option for Windows workloads.

Numerous commercial clients with substantial Windows workloads, such as Jack-in-the-Box, have embraced AWS. Some of the world's top companies, such as BP and Expedia, operate their Windows workloads on AWS as part of a hybrid on-premises/cloud architecture.

Your cloud journey will be navigated with exceptional professional guidance:

AWS Consulting Partners assist all types of enterprises in accelerating their cloud migrations. System integrators, strategic consultants, agencies, managed service providers (MSPs), and value-added resellers are among these professional services businesses (VARs).

AWS Professional Services is a worldwide team of specialists who can assist you in achieving the necessary business objectives while using the AWS Cloud.

You will collaborate with your selected AWS Partner, an industry specialist who will architect, build, develop, and install the platform, assisting your firm in adopting a services-based approach.

The AWS Microsoft Workloads Competency Partners page will assist you in identifying the most qualified AWS Partners for moving and upgrading Windows-based applications to AWS. These partners have confirmed technical expertise and proven performance in assisting clients with developing, managing, and deploying Microsoft workloads to AWS.

Migration occurs in three phases.

Cloud computing is the new standard, and businesses of all sizes have recognized its unparalleled financial and technological advantages. For the majority of enterprises that have not yet migrated, the issue is no longer "Should we migrate to the cloud?" but rather "How quickly can we transfer?" and "What are we moving first?" Migration to AWS may cut operational costs by 56% (over five years), boost gross productivity by 32%, and eliminate downtime by 98%. These statistics have contributed to the increased need to relocate immediately.

By migrating to AWS, your firm has access to the key Windows infrastructure it relies on at an attractive price and with a more dependable infrastructure than it was able to commit to in an on-premises environment. In addition, you get access to a three-step procedure that has been used in millions of successful migrations.

Start your journey immediately.

AWS is the top cloud provider in the world and the right partner for migrating, modernizing, and building Windows workloads in the cloud. We offer the established platform, seasoned personnel, and cutting-edge technologies required to optimize your Windows-based applications. AWS offers unrivaled cloud knowledge, having executed hundreds of successful migrations for some of the world's biggest corporations and fastest-growing startups. You can rely on this expertise throughout your journey.

Choose AWS for Windows to lower your expenditures significantly while enhancing your agility, performance, and security. Then speed up creativity and grab a universe of possibilities. Together, we can assist you in establishing a solid basis for application and enterprise transformation.


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