Securing the Hybrid Workforce with Cloud-delivered Security

Published on 05 Sep 2021

White paper - Citrix | Securing the Hybrid Workforce with Cloud-delivered Security

In recent years the threats to cyber security have become increasingly sophisticated. They are almost always encrypted and evolve at a faster pace than security experts can release patches. Conventional security solutions are unable to provide adequate security to hybrid workers. They also have a negative impact on user experience and led to higher operational costs. An organization's data is only as secure as its most vulnerable endpoint. Security solutions that are delivered over the cloud have become necessary in the new threat landscape.

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What is Citrix Secure Internet Access? 

Citrix Secure Internet Access (CSIA) provides all the functionality and features required for organizations to modernize their data and network security. Unlike conventional security solutions that rely on on-premise security appliances, CSIA is a highly resilient, scalable cloud security solution that is available globally. It is delivered via over 100 points of presence (PoP). Each PoP has its own full security stack which includes a firewall, an intrusion prevention system (IPS), sandbox, data loss prevention, cloud access security broker (CASB), malware protection, and anomaly detection. Based on an organization’s needs, CSIA’s features can be used to provide the best protection.

CSIA operates in-line between the users and their apps/the web. Hence, all traffic is protected from the latest cyber threats. There is no latency for protection because of backhauled connections. CSIA also provides global peering with popular applications and cloud services. This reduces the number of hops that are required to access business-critical services, thus reducing risk and vulnerability.

There are multiple options available through which CSIA can steer traffic to its nearest PoP. For home-based workers, this can be accomplished through a lightweight software agent that is installed on all endpoint operating systems. This software steers all traffic from the device to CSIA. Thus all remote, home, or hybrid workers remain protected wherever they are working from.

The Benefits of Citrix Secure Internet Access:

Compromise free protection:

CSIA makes it easy for organizations to protect their data and network. It has all the functionality required to protect traffic on the web as well as SaaS applications. Through access controls and web filtering, CSIA makes it easy for IT teams to block browsers or certain operating systems. Thus making it easier to protect against zero-day vulnerabilities. As the entire architecture is cloud-native, it is capable of full SSL/TLS inspection at scale. Its behavioral analysis capabilities make it easy for CSIA to identify anomalies. The sandbox environment can be used to identify and block the most advanced malware. All of this without the need to compromise on user experience.

Secure employees everywhere:

Remote and hybrid work models are here to stay. CSIA helps ensure that employees are protected whenever they access the web or SaaS application irrespective of their physical location. Thus CSIA can play a key role in the VPN replacement initiatives of organizations where fast and secure access is required.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the other benefits of using CSIA, which include:

  1. Reducing trouble tickets from poor application performance
  2. Modernize yet simplify by reducing the need for multiple vendors
  3. Accelerating your journey to Secure Access Service Edge (SASE)

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