Security for Modern Data Centers

Published on 28 May 2021

White Paper - Security for Modern Data Centers

The number of cyber threats facing organizations has increased. Most recently, the ransomware attack on the Colonial Pipeline Company highlighted how crucial it is for businesses to invest in proper security infrastructure. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many employees started working remotely, as organizations were not prepared for this transition, there are some gaps in the security of remote worker's home stations. Research conducted by the Ponemon Insitute has shown that exploits of software and application vulnerabilities, malware, ransomware, spear phishing, distributed denial of service attacks have made it difficult to secure data centers. The financial consequences of a data breach can be devastating. According to Ponemon's  2020 Cost of Data Breach Study, a successful data breach can cost businesses an average of $4 million.

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What is a data center?

A data center can be defined as space, i.e. A building, a dedicated section or space inside a building, or a group of buildings that are used to house computer systems, and the required components for the purpose of storing data is referred to as a data center. It can be described by its function. A data center is a group of computer servers that are interconnected and used by organizations to remotely store, process, and distribute a large volume of data. It is a facility that centralizes an organization's IT operations. 

Why is data center security important?

Data centers are used to store a business' most critical assets, intellectual property, business-critical applications, corporate and customer data. This makes them a very appealing target for hackers and bad actors. Along with stealing this information, bad actors also want to damage organizations by bringing down performance and causing downtimes. Cybersecurity incidents can lead to a complete halt in a business's day-to-day operations and significantly impact its productivity. By having the right cybersecurity in place, businesses can prevent criminals from damaging the organization, stealing critical data, and interfering with operations.

Evolution in data center environments

Over the past five years that have been significant changes in how data centers are set up and operate. Many organizations have shifted to hybrid data environments in order to take advantage of cloud technologies. Hyperscale data centers like those run by AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google cloud have become more commonplace. The migration to cloud data centers and increasing digital transformation have made the need for data center security more acute. 

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