Solve the Six Biggest Data Storage Challenges

Published on 31 Mar 2022

Data Storage Challenges

Can your IT infrastructure team keep up with the data-hungry apps and scattered workforce? If you are overburdened with maintenance activities and unable to deliver IT projects quickly enough because you are always urged to be nimble and "do more with less," it is time to reconsider how you handle data storage.

There are a limited number of hours in a workday. If you're not cautious, your team will spend an increasing amount of time managing enterprise storage systems, leaving less time for strategic initiatives and change support. You must either continue recruiting or assist your staff in discovering new efficiency.

Use automation to your advantage.

Automation and analytics solutions with integrated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) assist in the management of ever-expanding storage with fewer staff, resources, and human contact.

Reduce manual administrative tasks by 70%.

Hitachi Ops Center employs AI-enabled IT analysis and automation to enhance operational efficacy and new resource delivery velocity. Your organization cannot afford to be slowed down by rising storage requirements. You cannot afford to allow rising storage needs to slow down your operation. In addition, you cannot afford the time and expense of establishing a new business storage system. So you are forced to accomplish more with less and less.

Superior Storage, Without The Superior Price

Now, businesses of all sizes and budgets have access to storage infrastructure (speed, capacity, low latency, and high availability) on par with the best in the world. New storage virtualization features enable you to get more value from ageing equipment without having to replace it entirely.

100 per cent Availability of Data. Guaranteed.

The Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform (VSP) series provides the performance that your increasing mission-critical applications need, combining datasets for more efficient management and increased storage footprint usage. Once regular duties are under control, they must be maintained. But can your infrastructure handle new digital transformation projects while keeping up with rising demand?

Best-In-Class. Throughout Every Class.

Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform's range of hybrid, all-flash, and NVMe storage provides cost-effective access to the most up-to-date technologies to boost agility and creativity. Additionally, Hitachi Ops Center offers AI-enabled operations to enhance IT operational efficiency, boost performance, and secure your data.

Align Expenditures With Results.

Change how you consume IT products and services. Reduce the risk of over-or under-investing in your organisation's IT systems by aligning expenditure with use and business goals.

Spend Only What You Need.

You will only pay for what you need, when you need it, with EverFlex. Get various consumption choices for your whole solution, such as storage and remote monitoring, a completely managed service, and storage as a Service.

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