Sustainable Devices for Positive Impact

Published on 13 May 2023

Sustainable devices

"Now is the time to act on climate change." With temperatures rising at an alarming rate because of global warming, this message from the United Nations couldn't be clearer. People, groups, customers, governments, businesses, and business leaders must cooperate and commit to protecting the environment.

But what does it mean to be sustainable? How can people and groups make a difference in the fight against climate change? At Dell Technologies, we asked ourselves the same questions and concluded that the key is to drive innovation while taking full responsibility for our environmental effects. For us, sustainability means making technology solutions in a fair and good way for the world. It also means working with our partners and users to help them reach their own goals for sustainability.

Our technology and solutions are made to reduce trash, energy use, and pollution. This helps our customers run their businesses more smoothly and effectively while making the world better. In this eBook, we'll talk about how we've put climate action at the top of our list by producing goods that are built with sustainability in mind. We'll also tell you why you should care about this as you try to make your group more sustainable.

It's important to remember that green gadgets alone can't make a business or group fully eco-friendly. But they can be a big step in the right way that helps your business move toward a more sustainable future.

Increasing Calls for Action on Climate

Not just the UN is calling for action on climate change. The charity World Resources Institute (WRI) says that 40 percent of greenhouse gas pollution comes from the industry sector worldwide. The World Resources Institute (WRI) works to get lawmakers and business leaders to use new ways to reduce carbon emissions, such as making energy use more efficient and putting in place buying policies that speed up the use of "lower-carbon" technologies. Other groups focusing on technology, like the WEEE Forum and TCO Certified, agree with the WRI. The WEEE Forum works to move the electronic equipment industry toward a cycle economy. At the same time, TCO Certified independently checks that IT products are made in good ways for the environment and society.

Using the rules and policies from the Paris Agreement, these groups have gotten companies to take new steps toward sustainability. Your company's image is also at risk because consumers and investors expect more focus and action in this area.

It's clear that more people want to do something about climate change, and groups from different fields are working together to promote sustainability and fight climate change.

More sustainability is being pushed for by more than just politicians and campaign groups. Many customers, business partners, and company stakeholders now think like them. A study done in 2021 showed that 85 percent of people worldwide have changed how they buy things to make them more environmentally friendly.

Also, a recent study by Gartner shows how much pressure there is on businesses to meet environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards, which most finance leaders may need to be made aware of. This shows that the need to be sustainable and follow ESG norms is more widespread than expected.


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