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Published on 01 Feb 2021



How virtual apps and desktops reduce capital spending while improving remote work

The Covid-19 global pandemic has made work from home and remote working a mainstay. Organizations had to quickly figure out ways to continue operations, main employee safety and allow workers to operate from the safety of their home. As companies recognize the benefits of having a fully remote or hybrid workforce, the need to improve infrastructure and make better arrangements for remote employees has been heightened. 


Keep remote employees productive without increasing Capital Expenditure

The money used by an organization to maintain, upgrade and purchase physical assets is referred to as capital expenditure (CapEx). These physical assets could be computing equipment, devices, buildings, etc. Improving the infrastructure for remote workers to be more user friendly, reliable and secure can lead to very high CapEx. Companies that are still dealing with the fall out from the Covid-19 pandemic may not have the budgets required for such expenses. This is where desktop and app virtualization, can be very helpful.


Companies are looking for ways to make the remote work experience indistinguishable from the working at the office. To do this they need to provide employee's with secure access to the tools they require beyond the physical confines of the office space. To do this organizations have to look at the following areas:

  1. Desktop & application provisioning
  2. Device provisioning and management
  3. extended cybersecurity protection
  4. help desk support
  5. and others

This is why more companies are turning to virtualization of their desktops and applications. It allows them to create safe and secure remote working without overextending their budgets or resources. These solutions are also advantageous in the long term as they can easily be scaled up or down. This makes business more adaptable for unexpected future changes. 

What exactly is Virtualization? 


Traditionally most systems and applications that are used by an organization were tied to physical hardware. This approach provides a high degree of reliability and security. However, this is not conducive to remote working as it limits the type of devices that can access these systems and applications. Adding new devices and ensuring they are secure can be a complicated. Making it challenging for an organization to scale. Virtualization addresses these limitations. It enables employees to work at optimal effectiveness from anywhere, at any time, on any device. Using a traditional set up of desktop and apps on distributed PCs also comes with additional operational costs that add to the strain on budgets.

Citrix is an organization that can help organizations with their remote working needs. Their virtual and desktop apps can be used to ensure maximum productivity and flexibility without increasing capex.

Download this white paper on the value of virtualization to learn more about how you can rethink your organizations approach to remote working and how Citrix's solutions can benefit you.


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