VMware Cloud On AWS For Mission-critical Applications

Published on 29 Jan 2022

VMware Cloud

Over the last decade, the public cloud has emerged as a key force altering the IT sector. The cloud transition is lengthy and diverse, including many types of workloads and cloud models. Customers are developing new cloud-native apps as well as transferring old systems to the cloud (which cannot be redesigned or refactored). While the public cloud represents a significant shift for the business, on-premises computing is not going away. 

The requirement to effectively combine public cloud and on-premises infrastructures into a hybrid cloud is critical for avoiding extra silos and enhancing flexibility and agility. The fact is that cloud computing, in all of its manifestations, is unavoidable for businesses because the competitive nature of the market will force them to innovate, cut expenses, and build digital assets more quickly.

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A Quick Overview of VMware Cloud on AWS

For all vSphere workloads, VMware Cloud on AWS is the ideal option for AWS. It blends the VMware software stack, widely used in business data centres, with AWS regions' scalability and global reach. AWS and VMware collaborated on the development of VMware Cloud on AWS, which is entirely managed by VMware on the AWS cloud.

VMware Cloud on AWS supports the following main use cases:

  • Exiting the data centre or migrating to the cloud
  • Modernization of applications
  • Recovery after a disaster

VMware Cloud on AWS becomes a seamless extension of on-premises datacenters by employing the same VMware software that clients use in their own data centres, with unified administration of on-premises and cloud resources using the same vCenter and vRealize interfaces. Using familiar VMware technologies eliminates the need for IT workers to acquire new skills and interfaces when moving to the public cloud.

VMware's Software-Defined Datacenter allows a consistent hybrid cloud with important subsystems such as live workload movement via the VMware HCX service or Cloud Motion via vSphere Replication.

VMware's software-defined networking (VMware NSX) technology, enables a unified network for seamless workload movement without the need for IP address changes. Customers that have NSX on-premises may keep their established network and security rules consistent on VMware Cloud on AWS.

VMware vSAN is a local storage-based storage solution that delivers vSphere-native, high-performance, and highly secure storage on VMware Cloud on AWS.

The public cloud is a big transition in IT that is already underway. Cloud computing is now practically unavoidable for nearly every enterprise. However, because of the large application portfolios that enterprises manage, each with its own idiosyncrasies, requirements, and issues, the transfer to the cloud may be lengthy and complicated. 

Users are going through their portfolios at variable speeds, putting down the many cloud pathways available for each application. As on-premises will continue to exist for the foreseeable future, a major concern is how the public cloud should be managed and integrated. 

A highly compatible and consistent environment across on-premises and public cloud can be a critical tool for organisations to accelerate cloud migration while also reducing management, tooling, and skills challenges, and access native cloud services to modernise both existing and new applications in order to increase innovation and meet business needs.

Download to read the full whitepaper by Fujitsu to learn about the business value of VMware Cloud on AWS for supporting business-critical applications. 


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