What you need to know before replacing your current AV solution

Published on 12 Feb 2022

White paper - Buyers Guide to antivirus replacement

Each year, thousands of attacks are successfully carried out against businesses of various sizes even though many of these businesses had enpoint security solutions implemented. The use of Antivirus Software (AV) has become universal. If all businesses are utilizing AV solutions then why are so many attacks still finding success? Generally, attackers are aware that their targets will have some sort of protection in place, hence they have evolved their tools, techniques and procedures (TTPs) to circumvent these security solutions.

Sophisticated and advanced techniques like morphism, obfuscation of malware, theft of credentials, or malicious usage of legitimate applications are some of the methods used to go around conventional protections. AV solutions are mainly focused on identifying and preventing known malware, these solutions are not equipped to handle modern-day attacks that have become more advanced and often exploit zero-day vulnerabilities. This is why organizations are on the lookout for solutions that can protect against these emerging threats. With so many choices available and a confusing mess of hype words and technical jargon, it can be difficult for businesses to select the right solution.

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Critical elements to consider for an antivirus solution

Navigating the endpoint security market can be vast and confusing. This is why businesses need to have clear criteria in mind to evaluate security solutions. Selecting the wrong solution can result in lot of money being spent to gain only a marginal improvement in security. To ensure that you are making the right decision, you need to first carefully consider why are you looking to change your antivirus solution. Most customers recognize that they are two main issues that they are trying to tackle:

  1. Endpoint protection: Currently this is ineffective. We can see this by the number of security incidents that are successful
  2. Productivity: Successful attacks degrade performance and can negatively impact an end user's productivity

In order to get a positive ROI from your change, your decision when selecting a solution should focus on protection and performance. However, there is another important criteria that should be considered, i.e. time-to-value. 

What is time-to-value

Time-to-value is the amount of time that it will take to gain value from a solution. This is directly related to how easy a solution is to implement and deploy. The more complex a security solution, the more time and expertise will be required to put it in place. Thus time-to-value is a crucial metric to consider when you are evaluating a solution. Better performance and protection will not be of much use if you do not have the expertise to actually implement a solution or if it will take months and years to implement.

This guide by CrowdStike aims to help security professions that are looking to change their current antivirus and endpoint security solutions. The guide aims to simplify the decision-making by providing crifitcal information that you need to know in order to make a sound decision. The guide analyzes the elements that must be taken into consideration if you are planning to replace your existing security solution. It provides information on how and when to plan a change. It also provides information about CrowdStrike's own endpoint protection solution and how it is better than your existing AV.

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