Why Data Center Modernization Is Critical To Business Success

Published on 22 Aug 2021

White paper - Why Data Center Modernization Is Critical To Business Success

A Software-Defined Data Centre (SDDC) is the natural evolution to virtualization. SDDCs have significant benefits. In a customized survey of midmarket firms, Forrester found that 93% of respondents recognized the benefits of SDDC technologies, yet only 11% had made any SDDC implementations.

Modernizing data centers is a crucial requirement to achieve agility in business transformation. A modern data center must have up-to-date IT infrastructure that is capable of supporting the complex evolving technology landscape at scale. Software-Defined Data Centre principles treat all the physical infrastructure of a virtual data center as one resource that can be segmented as required. Along with SDDC principles, businesses need to embrace modernization at all levels and automate their IT management processes. Businesses that are able to implement such an approach will drive innovation, deliver better customer experiences through business technology that is fast, reliable, and secure.

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Dell commissioned Forrester Consulting to understand the business value and benefits of having modernized data centers. To gain this understanding, Forrester surveyed IT infrastructure technology decision-makers from 508 companies. The survey was conducted online. The decision-makers were from seven different countries. This report highlights Forrester’s findings from 102 midmarket businesses that were part of the survey. A midmarket business has been defined as an organization with 100 to 499 employees. The survey found that though most midmarket firms had an SDDC strategy, little progress had been made with the actual implementation of SDDC technologies. Firms were also behind with regard to automating the management processes for infrastructure. These two aspects are essential to provide businesses with optimal security and business agility.

The organizations that had successfully modernized their data centers were delivering applications capable of meeting end-user needs more effectively. They were able to leverage automation to increase security, efficiency, and innovation.

Key Findings With Regards to Data Centers at Midmarket Firms:

  1. Modernization of data centers at midmarket firms fall short of what is required to achieve business goals
  2. Midmarket firms have a lack of agility and unmet business needs due to data center infrastructure that is lacking
  3. The firms that invested in modernizing data centers were able to deliver better business outcomes as compared to those that did not

Download this thought leadership spotlight by Forrester commission by Dell Technologies to get a better understanding of these findings. Data has become the lifeblood of modern businesses. Most businesses today have a significant amount of data about their customers, their employees, processes, products, etc. By putting the right infrastructure in place, businesses can make optimal use of this data in a secure and efficient manner.

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