Why mid-size firms should invest in end-to-end security

Published on 21 Aug 2021

White paper - The case for end-to-end security for mid-market firms

In today’s digital landscape, data is the lifeblood of most businesses. Dell commission this Opportunity Snapshot from Forrester. Forrester conducted a custom survey between February and April 2019 and spoke to key decision-makers from several organizations. The report finds that improved security has a positive impact on all aspects of a business.

For digital businesses processes are rarely confined to the business’s infrastructure. Customers and employees engage with each other on a variety of digital channels. IT security experts and leaders must evolve quickly and protect the business’s brand and build customer trust. Customer experience should be balanced with the need for security. A well-defined security policy framework allows for productivity and security to go hand-in-hand, considers metrics that add business value and has a strategy that aligns with the business’s goals.

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The case for end-to-end security for mid-market firms

Mentioned below is a summary of the key findings of this opportunity snapshot. You can download and read this report for a better understanding:

  1. Security drives profit: A breach of security or compromised data can cost a business millions of dollars and severely damage its reputation. Hence there is a compelling business case to invest in improved security despite the increased cost.
  2. Security can help differentiate a business: Taking a proactive approach to security for employees and customers can help businesses create more marketable and better services. Hence, security can help a business differentiate itself from its competitors.
  3. Partners play a key role in building effective security: Instead of relying on in-house expertise, businesses can leverage the expertise of their partners to build a robust security infrastructure. Partners that can provide end-to-end security solutions should be prioritized by mid-market firms.

Businesses that suffer a data breach or hack have to face severe consequences. Cyber attacks can lead to a stop in work which leads to losses due to lost productivity. Recovering from an attack can require spending millions. There is also damage done to the business’s brand, public image and trust among customers. Below are some important considerations for businesses to keep in mind when building their security infrastructure:

Understand how employees work

The best security policies and processes will fail if employees don’t follow them. Hence, businesses should understand how employees are getting their work done. They should provide them with the appropriate and secure tools required to get their job done. If done correctly, this will prevent employees from going around security policies.

Use data for data-security

Place security controls close to where the data is stored. For instance, if data is being used remotely by employees then security controls should also be placed on these remote workstations.

Educate the employees

Help your employees understand how important the data they use is to your business. Awareness regarding the importance of the sensitivity of data they use to do their jobs will make employees handle it with more care.

Download this report by Forrester commission by Dell to learn more about why end-to-end security is the way forward for mid-market firms.


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