Blackberry Smartphones Stopped Working In January 2022

Published on 21 Jan 2022

When the term "smartphone" was used, the first gadget that often sprang to mind was a Blackberry. Do you remember Blackberry? This was essentially the first smartphone; it came out in the early 2000s, maybe as late as the late '90s, and was regarded as the top smartphone.

Eventually, fast forward to Apple and Google entering the fray, with Google offering Android software and then Android-powered phones. Then, of course, there's Apple's iPhone. That was eventually a significant role in Blackberry's collapse. The final nail in the casket for BlackBerry smartphones has been driven as of 4th January 2022.

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What It Means For Customers

Legacy Services for Blackberry smartphones will be decommissioned permanently on Tuesday. That includes Blackberry 7.1 OS and before, Blackberry 10 software, and Blackberry Playbook OS 2.1 and earlier, which means that whatever Blackberry devices you are holding to, that you may still be using, or that you may have hidden in a drawer someplace, are going to fail to operate.

Blackberry states that smartphones using such software "will cease to work properly, including for data, phone calls, SMS, and 911 capabilities."

Blackberry has been out of the smartphone game for a long, which is remarkable since, once again, it was the preeminent brand in that market until Apple, Google, and other rivals arrived. We had touch screen devices, and, again, there was a time when people wanted a traditional keyboard, even when Apple initially launched.

Then, when those touch displays improved, people gradually changed. However, Blackberry tried a comeback. If you recall, they debuted their touch-screen-only phone in 2013, which was intriguing since, once again, the keyboard was a distinguishing feature.

It did not sell well, compelling the corporation to contemplate a deal, a sales transaction including the sale of the company. Finally, in 2016, Blackberry announced that it would cease production of BlackBerry smartphones. Finally, in 2020, excuse me, the firm declared its intention to phase off all Legacy services, which began on Tuesday. Now, Blackberry the firm continues to exist.

The Downfall of Blackberry

We remember those Blackberry smartphones. They were excellent and competent. We're referring to those who are absorbed by their touch displays. They have now focused on corporations and governments, delivering security software.

They were ideal for doing business. That is where Blackberry established itself, but after the iPhone, Android, and all those other smartphones began to emerge, Blackberry went by the wayside, so rest in peace, Blackberry, Blackberry, the gadget.


Featured image: Blackberry


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