Chromebooks To Alert If Incorrect USB-C Cable Connected

Published on 16 May 2022


According to an announcement made by Google, the most recent update for Chromebooks now includes a mechanism that notifies users if the USB-C cable they are using has restricted functionality. This new Chromebook function sounds like it may be a handy tool to assist diagnose difficulties, since USB-C connections can have vastly diverse capabilities from one cable to the next, allowing things like differing charging and data transfer rates on a cable-by-cable basis.

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Latest Features of The Update

According to a blog post published by Google, "eligible Chromebooks will alert you if the USB-C cable you're using won't support screens or isn't functioning optimally for your laptop."   "You'll also receive a message if the cable you're using does not meet the high-speed USB4 / Thunderbolt 3 requirements that your Chromebook does," it says. "This is because your Chromebook supports these standards." According to the blog, the new functionality will initially become available on Chromebooks with 11th or 12th Generation Intel Core CPUs that also support Thunderbolt. "More devices will follow," the site states.

Benson Leung, an employee at Google, has been making waves with his testing and evaluations of USB-C connections, including one that ruined his Chromebook Pixel. As a result of these tests and reviews, Google is keenly aware of some of the difficulties associated with USB-C cables. This new notice from Google is a nice addition to its Chromebooks. Fortunately, we have Benson as well as the rest of the team to commend for that. The issue has subsequently improved, although it may still be difficult to precisely tell which USB-C connection performs.

The latest version comes with a few more functions as well. The split-screen magnifier function will soon get an update from Google that will allow users to choose the size of the magnified piece of the screen. This will give users the option to see a greater or lesser percentage of the zoomed-in region.

The business is also releasing its Cursive handwriting program for use on all Chromebooks with stylus compatibility.


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