Twitter Developed A Game To Showcase Privacy Settings

Published on 14 May 2022


Twitter unveiled a new browser game designed to explain its privacy settings. Here you may play the game known as Twitter Data Dash.

"Welcome to PrivaCity!" states the site's game description. "Bring your dog, Data, to the park safely. Along the way, you'll dodge cat advertising, swim through a sea of direct messages, confront trolls, and discover how to take control of your Twitter experience."

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How To Play

Momo Pixel's Twitter Data Dash requires you to choose the language you want to play in before selecting one of four characters that will join Data the dog on a portion of the levels. (Otherwise, that character will display in text fields.) The game itself is a rather simple side-scrolling platformer. Each level is themed around what you can best describe as Twitter Things; one level features cats wearing ad boards, while another has you avoiding trolls. The objective of each level is to collect five bones as quickly as possible.

If you collect the bones, the game will explain Twitter's privacy options relevant to that level and provide a button that links to Twitter's settings. When you defeat the cat ad level, you will get a message describing how Twitter personalizes your experience on the site and directs you to the location where you may disable tailored advertisements.

The game has a charming pixel art look. There are several colors of blue throughout the game, and we are a major fan of the character designs. (The location pin characters on a certain level are fantastic.) The platforming might be clumsy, but the game's forgiving nature makes it easy to try a difficult leap many times.

The Objective of The Game

Twitter released the game as part of a larger initiative around its newly revised privacy policy. Twitter said on its Safety account, "We've prioritized plain language and moved away from legalese." "As of today, you can see the updated privacy and terms of service policies in the app's settings and on our new privacy policy website."

The firm has accepted Elon Musk's takeover bid, but Twitter's future is mostly undetermined. Musk intends to ease Twitter's moderation restrictions, among other things, but he hasn't provided any specifics about Twitter's privacy regulations.


Featured image: Twitter Data Dash


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