The 7 Best Online Resources for Job Search in 2021

Published on 13 May 2022

 Job Search

Numerous aspects of the job search have altered little with the advent of contemporary technologies. Networking and skill development have always been essential to landing a job. In the end, networking is just a kind of collaboration or mutual assistance. These forms of social support extend back to ancient times when the stakes were far larger than negotiating a pay. Many scholars feel that our social systems have not altered much since humans lived in tiny hunter-gatherer tribes and fought for life. Networking is an integral element of this survival process, and the need to connect is ingrained into every individual.

But undoubtedly, modern technology has provided job hunters with an enormously more capacity to optimize their searches and locate the ideal position. While a small percentage of remote jobs offered in 2020 were region-specific, eighty percent were open to anyone from any place.

We are all thankful that we no longer need to circle classified advertising. But what are the most effective technological resources for discovering the ideal job?

Here are the 7 top web resources for your job hunt.

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1) LinkedIn

Unknown to the majority of users, LinkedIn provides a number of wonderful features.

LinkedIn serves as a form of weekly check-in site for many users. You may get on, browse a little, give a fast "like" to a buddy from middle school who got promoted, check your messages, do a brief job search, and then go on to something more exciting, such as a Buzzfeed listicle about the latest celebrity news.

If this describes how you've been using LinkedIn, you need to amp up your game.

2) Glassdoor

Glassdoor is another really important resource for job seekers. This tool is particularly beneficial when exploring possible jobs and companies and when entering the interview phase and evaluating employment offers with a specific organization.

Glassdoor is a database for job ads and applications and a website where current and former workers may anonymously review their experience working for a particular employer on a variety of criteria and contribute information such as compensation and prospective interview questions. Glassdoor produces ratings and analytics for individual firms by analyzing this data.

3) Slik Email Finder

Slik is a remarkable AI-powered service that was initially created as a tool for sales professionals to identify leads and engage with new customers. Many sales professionals, including those on sales teams from Dropbox, DocuSign, and Slack, have found Slik to be an invaluable tool. And if the leading providers of technology-based work solutions use it, you know it must be effective.

Slik provides a variety of data-finding services, but I've found their email discovery tools extremely useful, and they will be an addition to your network.

4) Shapr

One of the most difficult aspects of networking is that you never really know whether the person you are reaching out to would be delighted to connect or if they are interested in creating the connection and assisting you on your professional path.

Shapr is a great social networking application that eliminates guessing from networking. It is aimed to connect professionals and assist users in networking with people in their sector who are eager and ready to connect.

Its networking value stems from the fact that all of its users opt-in to make new connections and exchange ideas and thoughts. No longer will you question if the person on the other end of a LinkedIn conversation is rolling their eyes and inhaling heavily. Everyone on Shapr is there for the same reason: they are eager to network.

5) JobSeer

Are you exhausted by sifting through page after page of positions that are near to what you want and for which you are qualified but not quite right? Jobseeker can help you zero in on the ideal employment opportunities, eliminate the unsuitable ones, and stand out from the competition. Plus, they provide easy access to people's email addresses!

JobSeer is a free Google Chrome extension that is compatible with the majority of prominent online job boards. The beauty of Jobseer is that it uses artificial intelligence to simplify your online job search.


It seems more vital than ever to be employed by a firm whose values align with your own. Idealist is a wonderful location to focus your job search if you are interested in working in the nonprofit sector or finding a mission-driven career.

Idealist is a nonprofit organization created in 1995 to link people with employment and professions at organizations whose primary emphasis is charitable work and social impact.

Their website operates similarly to other employment forums, except they only publish postings from verified charitable companies. You may search for listings using keywords or detailed metrics pertaining to the sorts of listings you're interested in.

7) Google

We saved the most blatant example for last.

When entering the job market, you must first be mindful of how you look on search engines. You should anticipate that a recruiting manager would research you online, particularly on social media. Data indicates that 70% of businesses utilize social media to assess applicants. 54% of hiring managers have admitted eliminating an applicant due to their social media presence.

But if you believe that typing your name into the Google search box, as we've all done more often than we'd like to admit, is sufficient, you should reconsider.

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Begin by logging out of your Google accounts and entering "incognito mode" or a comparable private browsing mode on your favorite web browser. Google stores your search history and provides you with a customized search based on your previous queries and location. You want to see what appears when a stranger searches for your name on Google.


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