Create Miniature You With Lego

Published on 30 Jul 2022

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Lego is now testing a new online Minifigure creator called the Minifigure Factory. With this maker, you may construct a Lego person that is uniquely yours.

Utilizing the tool, you'll be able to create a bespoke Minifig with various heads, hats, torsos, legs, and accessories to choose from. When it comes to the customization of the torso, you have a lot of room to go in-depth with decals and personalized writing. (According to Jay's Brick Blog, Lego will reportedly censor the designs to prevent people from creating improper Minifigs.) In addition, there is a selection of amusing accessories for you, such as a laptop, a pretzel, and a pizza. Minifigs that are finished will cost $11.99 each, but each family is only allowed to purchase one.

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Benefits of The Minifigure Factory

With the help of Minifigure Factory, you can create a Lego replica of myself that is more true to life and then decorate it with robot decals. And if you're interested in turning yourself into a full-fledged action figure, Hasbro has just unveiled a solution that would enable you to accomplish exactly that.

Restrictions In The Minifigure Factory

The Minifigure Factory may appear familiar to you if you've ever used Lego's online Build A Minifigure tool, which is only accessible from certain locations worldwide. On the other hand, Build A Minifigure does not provide the same torso customization as the Minifigure Factory.

You must be aware that it is possible that you will not be able to utilize the Minifigure Factory just yet. According to Lego, the website has "restricted availability." A disclaimer on the website states that "certain portions and functions may not be accessible" and warns users that "you may also discover that the page is unavailable from time to time." The firm is also referring to Minifigure Factory as a beta version.


Featured image: Lego


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