DoorDash Delivers FB Marketplace Products

Published on 01 Aug 2022

DoorDash, FB Marketplace Products

The Wall Street Journal reports that Facebook's parent company, Meta, has partnered with DoorDash to deliver Marketplace products up to 15 miles away.

According to sources quoted by the WSJ, DoorDash will only deliver products that can fit in the trunk of a vehicle, and drivers are expected to complete deliveries within 48 hours. However, not every item is eligible for shipping. It seems a practical choice for those who cannot pick up an object themselves.

In addition to Dolly and DoorDash, Meta enables Marketplace vendors to transport products directly to a buyer's address. It also fills a need in Facebook Marketplace's current local delivery options, which are limited to the Dolly service for bulkier products. The service is restricted to a few dozen places in the United States. It allows you to connect with one or two local "helpers" who can put big things, such as a refrigerator, bookcase, or air conditioner, onto a pickup truck and carry them to your home for a price.

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When Will The Update Rollout?

It remains unclear how many Marketplace customers now have access to DoorDash deliveries and how much they cost. Both Meta and DoorDash acknowledged the program to the WSJ, stating that it has already been tested in various U.S. locations. DoorDash representative Ali Musa refused to provide more information when asked for comment, and Meta did not immediately reply.

DoorDash has expanded its delivery service in recent years to include products other than takeout orders, including groceries, wine, customized presents, medicines, and even COVID-19 test kits. Last year, the business signed a contract with Dollar General to provide same-day delivery and intended to extend its service to Europe. The agreement was apparently in the works since 2021, only months after DoorDash CEO Tony Xu joined Meta's board of directors.


Featured image: Door Dash


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