Is TikTok A Recruitment Tool?

Published on 01 Aug 2022

TikTok, Recruitment Tool

Since January 2018, TikTok's monthly active users have increased by almost 800%, as reported in August 2020. Currently, more than 100 million Americans are monthly active users, with half of them using the app every day. In addition, earlier that year, the platform unveiled TikTok For Business, a self-service hub for marketing solutions for firms.

In addition to dancing trends and pranks, individuals utilize TikTok to communicate compelling stories on every subject, including their jobs.

Therefore, the issue in many recruiting experts' minds is whether learning to utilize TikTok for recruitment is worthwhile. Let's go deeper to uncover the solution.

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What Is The Difference Between Tiktok And Traditional Social Media?

TikTok is distinctive in that its main objective is entertainment. TikTok is a new frontier in the realm of social media, where the norm is sharing information, whether personal or not.

TikTok's content is neither extensively marketed nor very "professional." Instead, TikTok users want to connect via the creation of shared experiences. These encounters might be humorous, entertaining, educational, physical, or anything else.

It involves creating characters, dressing up as someone else, and performing jokes. It is not about seclusion and companionship but rather about strutting on the public stage. TikTok is about remixing culture — taking the audio from someone else's clip and reframing the joke in a new context by superimposing it on a video you create.

Additionally, TikTok is very collaborative. Creators build upon one another's efforts to continue reimagining material in novel and engaging ways. Here, the social network transitions from passive video viewing to an active and involved community.

Another element that distinguishes TikTok is its "For You" stream. The feed employs a unique algorithm to determine the information you interact with most often and regularly displays fresh content from new individuals. In contrast to other social networking platforms where your feed consists of the people you follow, the "For You" feed enables almost anybody to become viral with a single entertaining video.

As per TikTok, the algorithm is based on various characteristics, including liking or sharing, following accounts, posting comments, and creating content. It examines video data such as subtitles, noises, and hashtags to identify related material.

Why TikTok Is An Effective Recruiting Tool

Considering that 100 million Americans regularly use TikTok, it is certain that your staff are also users. They are producing material about their work and your company's culture. They are exchanging suggestions and guidance with others in their respective fields. They are filming dancing films with employees to foster camaraderie.

The first step in learning to use TikTok for recruiting is to comprehend how your workers use the program. So many sectors are represented on TikTok, including teachers, nurses, delivery people, and marketers. Try searching the application for your industry or company's name to locate relevant examples.

Investigate the hashtags that your staff is using. The list is exhaustive. It might assist you in locating job searchers in your field, whether healthcare, education, retail, restaurant, legal, or entertainment.

How To Apply Tiktok To Recruiting

Given the diversity of employees and job-seekers on TikTok, the platform has several recruitment applications. Let's investigate some alternatives for your team:

1. Recruiter Engagement

Encourage your recruiters to use TikTok, particularly if they specialize in entry-level positions. They need not be experts in video editing to make entertaining material. They just need a camera and their knowledge to share with job-seekers.

2. Republish Employee Content

Your recruitment marketing staff may also profit from a TikTok presence and recruiters. Recognizing that your workers are already generating material, you may build a business profile to reshare it.

You may take it further by creating your hashtag and promoting it among your personnel. Encourage them to utilize it while sharing material from the workplace on TikTok. If your hashtag becomes popular, it will be much simpler to gather content and build a community on TikTok.

3. Motivate New Content Creation with a Hashtag Challenge

Creating a challenge that motivates other users to produce fresh material is one of the most popular trends on TikTok. Frequently, these challenges involve dancing to original music or another activity that invites participation. You may use this method to reach new job candidates by developing a branded hashtag challenge.

If you have the funds, you may use TikTok's sponsored advertising tools to promote a video from your account that announces the challenge. Create a target audience reflective of the talent you want to recruit to your organization.

Inviting your staff to participate is also a terrific strategy to help your challenge gain traction on its own. The more participants there are, the more others in their extended networks will become aware of the challenge. Similar to a generic work-life hashtag, the challenge may be promoted internally. If your workers need further incentives to participate, you might provide rewards and choose winners randomly from those who have contributed films.

With any of these strategies, there is no guarantee that your content will become viral, but you will at least reach a larger portion of your target audience. Ultimately, it is all about discovering fresh talent.

4. Utilize TikTok Influencers

TikTok, like any other social media network, has its share of influencers. You may use their audiences in a variety of ways.

Consider contacting a TikTok influencer whose audience and ideals fit your organization's. Then, you may ask them to work for a day at your firm and publish about it.

On the other hand, you may also empower your staff to become brand influencers. If you have an employee who can manage your brand's social media accounts, they may provide more real and engaging material than standard corporate content. Dave Jorgenson, an employee of The Washington Post who manages the firm's TikTok account, has become an influencer after providing compelling material for the organization.

5. Employ Recruitment Ads

TikTok's Advertisements Manager allows you to establish custom audiences, generate ads, and track performance. Like most other social networks, TikTok Ads Manager provides simple tools for creating and managing TikTok advertisements. You may use the platform to produce recruiting advertisements for your company. You may specify the campaign aim you want to accomplish with your promotions, and the platform will optimize your campaign for brand recognition or conversions.

One of TikTok's unique targeting options is the ability to target viewers based on their previous involvement with certain content categories. This tool enables you to specifically target active users who may be interested in your business. For instance, recruiting teachers may target people who have interacted with educational material during the last 14 days.

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Whether you use TikTok for free or money, there are several ways to get started. It depends completely on what functions best for your team, budget, and culture. As the popularity of TikTok continues to rise, recruiting teams will certainly extend their use of the site. Even if you are not prepared to join, it is a platform to observe.


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