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Published on 04 Aug 2022

Smartwatches, Athletes

Samsung launched the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro earlier this week. It is the most robust wristwatch Samsung has ever produced, and it was evident during Unpacked that the firm aims for the watch to appeal to outdoor athletes. Apple also disclosed at WWDC that watchOS 9 would have many new running stats, fueling speculations of an upcoming tough Apple Watch. In addition to battery life and durability, an additional challenge might derail these businesses' ambitions to attract Garmin and Polar customers.

Apple and Samsung have included touchscreen navigation on their smartwatches, for better or worse. This is acceptable for casual activity or for the ordinary individual who is not travelling harsh terrain and temperatures. It will not suffice for the outdoor enthusiast that both brands are targeting with their "Pro" watches.

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The Current Design

After examining the standard 40mm Galaxy Watch 5, the Pro is just a larger, more durable version of the standard Watch 5. In terms of the user interface, they have the same design DNA. This relates to us. On the few runs users have taken with the Watch 5 so far; it has proved difficult to swipe between displays while running. This is because August has here, and as the classic Santana song says, it's a scorcher. 

Challenges With The Design

A few individuals have sweaty fingertips and must sometimes halt to rehydrate. To do this, they must stop and clean their hands to swipe right and press the pause button. It sounds simple, but it's difficult when the humidity is so high that you feel like you're swimming in soup.

The same problem is seen while trying watchOS 9 on Series 7. You must swipe up or scroll using the digital crown to display all the new running stats. Frequently, users have been required to go through many menus to access a single new statistic. People anticipated that scrolling with the digital crown would be simpler, but it is not.

This is not only a summertime issue. As a triathlete, you also have swimming difficulty. Wearing gloves throughout the winter is even more inconvenient if you exercise year-round. There have been several "touchscreen-compatible" gloves, but they have never proved dependable on smartphones, much alone smartwatches.

This is irrelevant if you are using a Polar or Garmin sports watch. Because physical buttons are not hindered by sweat or gloves, you can navigate menus without looking down unless necessary once you get used to them. Some even employ a mix of touch and button controls, which is perfect since you can always choose the most practical technique in any given circumstance.


Featured image: Apple


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