Foldable Google Pixel and Pro Tablet In The Making?

Published on 03 Sep 2022

Foldable, Google Pixel, Pro Tablet

Engineers have already identified code that hints at a pair of forthcoming devices: the anticipated foldable Pixel gadget and a new "Pro" tablet. Google has just released the first quarterly platform release beta for Android 13, and the company's developers have already found it.

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Who Is Felix?

The developer Kuba Wojciechowski has started a thread on Twitter in which he posts screencaps of code that alludes to the unfolded and folded states of a gadget that they have dubbed "Felix." It also discusses the cameras used by the device, which may consist of the main sensor with 64 megapixels (MP) from Sony and a telephoto lens with 10.8 MP from Samsung S5K3J1 located on the back of the phone. On the gadget's interior might be an 8MP Sony IMX355 sensor, the same sensor used by the Pixel 6A, and another Samsung S5K3J1, which would wrap around the front of the device.

New & Advanced Features

The existence of a dual rear camera system on the foldable lends credence to the assertion that the smartphone is capable of horizontal folding in the same manner as the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold. The year before, it seemed that Google was also working on a smartphone that folds in a clamshell-style; however, animations seen in Android 12L and a symbol in Google's camera app suggest a phone that folds like a book rather than a clamshell.

More About The Pro Tablet

In addition to unearthing information about Google's soon-to-be-released foldable, Wojciechowski discovered references to a "Pro" tablet that was referred to as either "t6pro" or "tangorpro." At the Android Developers Conference in May, Google said it works on an Android-powered tablet. Since then, developers have determined that "t6" and "tangor" refer to the gadget in question. However, now that we've seen the "pro" designation linked to these codenames, it might be a sign that Google is also working on a more advanced version of the tablet. The code does not tell much more than that the two smartphones will utilize separate back cameras, as 9to5Google has pointed out. Other than that, the code does not reveal anything else.

Itinerary For The Upcoming Google Pixel Launch

These discoveries come a little less than a month before Google's Pixel launch event, which will take place on October 6th, during which the Pixel 7, the Pixel Watch, and new Nest gadgets will be shown to the public for the first time. The Pixel tablet isn't intended to be released until 2023, and speculations claim that the Pixel foldable has been postponed until next year. However, we aren't expecting to see the speculated tablet or foldable during the presentation.


Featured image: Google Pixel


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