Instagram Might Get Reposts

Published on 01 Sep 2022

Instagram, Reposts

If you can believe it, Instagram is now experimenting with a new feature resembling other social networks. It functions comparable to retweets on Twitter, or the reshares typical on Tumblr and Facebook. According to sources, Instagram has acknowledged that it is testing "reposts," which allow users to move another user's content into their timeline.

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When Was This Update Revealed? 

A social media expert named Matt Navarra was the first to discover the "repost" option on Wednesday. Navarra tweeted photographs of the feature in a discussion on Twitter. On the other hand, Alessandro Paluzzi found it in development back in May, demonstrating that Instagram has been operating on it for a while.

What’s New About Reposting on Instagram?

Instagram users aren't breaking new ground when sharing the content of other accounts with their followers. Users could always share public posts with their followers, but they could only do it on their Instagram Stories or through direct messaging. Users would now be able to share a post on their feeds without needing to take a screenshot of the post and then repost it or go via another source if the test were successful.

In addition to reposts inside your feed, users have seen on my iPhone that Instagram has adjusted its content-sharing choices across platforms. It is now pushing options to share to Snapchat, Messenger, or WhatsApp ahead of direct-to-DM sharing, which is, once again, very similar to the method that TikTok does.

Other Instagram Updates

Instagram has retracted a test that would have shifted the app toward an AI-powered feed of full-screen photographs and video. This would have been part of Instagram's apparent steady transformation into TikTok. However, Instagram is not giving up on the attempt. Users of Instagram now have the power, as a result of a test conducted not too long ago, to train the recommendation algorithm toward their tastes by selecting and marking several posts as "not interested."

"We're trying to explore the capacity to reshare posts in Feed — similar to the way you can reshare in Stories — so employees can post what jives with them, and therefore original creators are given credit for their work," Seine Kim, a spokesperson from Meta, said in an email statement to The Verge. "This would allow people to share what resonates with them, and would also give original creators credit for their work." She indicated that while the function is not currently ready for public testing, "we aim to test this shortly with a limited number of individuals." However, she did emphasise that the feature is not yet accessible for public testing.


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