Google's Pixel Watch Offers Multiple Bands

Published on 20 Jun 2022

Google's Pixel Watch

Any reputable contemporary smartwatch has interchangeable bands. Therefore, it should be no surprise that Google is developing various strap alternatives for its upcoming Pixel Watch. According to 9to5Google, the firm is producing at least seven bands, including the one shown during the I/O keynote, for the autumn release of the wristwatch.

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Google Takes Pages From Apple’s Playbook

It seems that Google has taken numerous pages from Apple's playbook. According to Google, the company is developing a mesh band in the style of Milan, two kinds of leather bands, a link bracelet, a fabric band, and a silicone band. It is reportedly developing a stretchy alternative similar to Apple's Solo Loop. The bulk of the Pixel Watch's specifications are still unknown, but given what we know, it's evident that Google intends to compete directly with the Apple Watch. Offering comparable strap alternatives supports this technique.

Unless Google offers several options, the Pixel Watch will not appeal to a larger audience. Whether traditional or digital, watches are a statement of personal style. Google would have been most prudent to utilize a normal 20-22mm strap. That would have at least lightened Google's load and provided users with hundreds of elegant alternatives compatible with mechanical and analogue timepieces.

Google To Offer Custom Straps 

It is not doing so, though. The promotional video at Google I/O shows that the company is choosing its custom straps. So either Google is quite confident in its designs, or we're going to witness some hideous or uninspired wristwatch bands from the same people that designed the Pixel 6 casings.

Owners of the Pixel Watch might resort to third-party accessory manufacturers, but the use of a proprietary strap makes this outcome uncertain. A limited number of elegant third-party accessories for Google goods are available on Amazon. Probably because (yet) not enough people are purchasing Pixel smartphones to justify the expenditure. If you search Amazon for Pixel phone covers, you will get about 7,000 results. A search for an iPhone cover returns over 100,000 results, whereas a search for a Samsung Galaxy case returns over 80,000 results. It is worse for gadgets such as the Pixel Buds, with 190 results compared to nearly 10,000 for the AirPods. The more alternatives you have, the more probable clients will discover something that meets their needs. When resources are few, you are left with such eyesores.

Review of The Pixel Watch

Performance and Wear OS 3 will ultimately be the most influential variables in evaluating if the Pixel Watch is "excellent." However, enough individuals must believe, "Yeah, I'll pay premium pricing to wear it!" for this to matter. Therefore, Google would be prudent to ensure that its straps are at least comparable to those of its competitors. Assure that, at least cosmetically, the Pixel Watch will not wow us.


Featured image: Google Pixel Watch


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