Musk Wants Twitter To Resemble WeChat and TikTok

Published on 18 Jun 2022

Twitter, WeChat, TikTok

Elon Musk told Twitter staff on Thursday that the firm must emulate WeChat and TikTok to reach its target of 1 billion subscribers.

According to staff who heard Musk's comments at his first internal all-hands, when asked how Twitter might expand its user base and boost engagement, he said that the service should provide more usefulness and ensure that "people are amused and informed." He drew parallels to WeChat, the Chinese mega app that combines social networking with payments, gaming, and ride-hailing.

"There is no WeChat equivalent outside of China," Musk stated after phoning into the virtual conference 10 minutes late via his phone camera. "In China, you practically live on WeChat. We will be very successful if we can replicate it on Twitter."

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Why Musk Loves The TikTok Platform

In addition, he praised TikTok's algorithm for not being "boring," stating, "we could tune Twitter to be fascinating in the same manner." He emphasized the fact that Twitter is superior at emerging news. He said, "I believe Twitter could do a lot better job of enlightening people about significant topics." Musk said that Twitter should "contribute to a stronger, longer-lasting civilization where we are better able to comprehend the nature of reality in five to ten years."

Musk emphasized his desire for Twitter to rely more heavily on subscriptions and fees on the call, proposing that users could pay to be verified. At one point, he proposed the concept of an "irony" label so that the motive behind a tweet might be indicated.

He also reiterated his desire to tighten down on bots and spam, stating that "troll armies must be considerably more costly to maintain." As a sign of good faith and in response to the CEO of Tesla's previous threat to terminate the agreement over the bot problem, Twitter granted him broad data access.

Musk’s Future Plans With Twitter

Musk's statements to Twitter staff on Thursday signal that if his plan to take the firm private is accepted, he will implement major reforms. He said that he wants to make the firm more financially responsible, but he is not completely opposed to "extraordinary" individuals continuing to work from home. He was unsure if he would remain Twitter's CEO after assuming control of the company, but he made it plain that he would be heavily engaged with the product and business.


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