Humanforce updates solution to support large scale events during Covid-19

Published on 12 Feb 2021

As of 12th February 2021, Australia has an estimated 49 active cases of Covid-19 and 11 people hospitalized1. Australia has been praised for its management of the global pandemic, the country is now entering a Covid-normal recovery phase.

Large scale events with increasingly larger crowds are being organized in the country. Some of these include the Australian Open tennis tournament, India vs Australia cricket matches and music concerts. Humanforce, an intelligent workforce management software, has updated its platform to cater to the needs of those organizing such large events during the Covid-19 era.

What needs does the human force app address?

Event organizers need different workers to manage different types of events. The need to be able to either scale up or scale down the workforce based on the event requirements. The new features added by the Human Force app allow event organisers to customers their roster of casual workers. Organizers will also have instant access to useful information like, which workers worked on a particular event, in what area and in which venue. The Humanforce app can also be used to communicate new information to workers, like a change in shift timings, etc.

Talking about the update, CEO of Humanforce, Clayton Pyne said, “we’re all excited to see so many sporting, entertainment, community and cultural events returning across Australia.
However, COVID-19 will continue to impact event workers, with ongoing challenges around last minute changes in restrictions, as well as the need to be able to quickly contact trace and communicate guidance around mask protocol, social distancing and hygiene rules.”

“Organisers need to be ready to react quickly should government restrictions change at the last minute and crowd capacities be reduced, which also means less staff are needed.” He added.

Tools included in the Humanforce app

Organizers will be able to make use of the following tools to effectively manage large scale events.

  1. App Based Time Records: Workers will be able to use an app to clock-on for their ship. The app uses geofencing and facial recognition to ensure workers are in the right location and their shift hours are recorded accurately. As the feature is app based, there is less risk of contamination as workers will not be using common touch pads or paper.
  2. Well Being Checks: Workers will also be able to use a ‘Rate My Shift’ feature. This pulse survey will provide managers visibility of worker wellbeing and they can take corrective action as and when needed.
  3. Employee Engagement: The app will also support messaging. This will allow managers to host virtual catchups and workers will be able to to connect with their teams.

Supports Covid-19 contact tracing

Another key feature provided by the app is support for contact tracing. If there is a positive Covid-19 case identified in a particular location or venue, employers can quickly identify which workers were at the venue in question and came in contact with the positive case.

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