Meta Discontinues Private Chat

Published on 25 Jul 2022

Meta, Private Chat

Yet another of Meta's social experiments has come to an end. In 2020, while Meta was still known as Facebook, a new app called Tuned was released to help couples stay connected even when physically separated. Tuned allows couples to secretly communicate their thoughts and feelings and send one another notes. The New Product Experimentation (NPE) team developed the app at Meta, which is responsible for creating experimental software and services. In addition to the integration of Spotify for trading music, there are activities that couples may play to learn more about one another and get to know each other better.

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Why Is Tuned Being Discontinued?

According to reports, Meta has begun sending notifications to Tuned users, informing them that the app will be discontinued on September 19th. That date is also the deadline for when consumers may download their data, so keep that in mind. Tuned does not provide a rationale for why it is being discontinued, and the app sites for Tuned on both Google Play and the App Store do not offer any further information about the app or its features. The Verge attempted to contact Meta to get a comment, but we did not immediately hear back from them.

According to its ratings and evaluations, Tuned seems to have been quite well-liked among married people. The data provided by Sensor Tower revealed that the Tuned app had been downloaded around 900,000 times across Android and iOS.

The Impact of Tuned’s Departure

The closure of Tuned was probably caused by the timing of its introduction, which was just around the time when pandemic lockdowns began to ratchet up. It's possible that fewer couples feel the need to use the app now that mobility restrictions have been abolished over the majority of the globe.

However, when it comes to producing successful items in the market, Meta's NPE group does not have the finest track record. The company's video speed dating application, Sparked, was discontinued earlier this year. In addition, there was the app for sharing videos called Lasso, which didn't last long, and Hobbi, which is similar to Pinterest. The names Aux, Hotline, and Whale, along with many more, are among those who have found their way into the NPE cemetery.


Featured image: Meta


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