Mozilla Announces The Availability Of Firefox Relay Premium

Published on 26 Nov 2021

In some areas, Firefox Relay Premium, a subscription-based edition of Firefox Relay, is now available.

Firefox Relay is indeed an email relay service that I tested when it started in 2020. It makes use of proxies to function as a conduit between a user's email account and Internet sites and services. The primary goal is to prevent spam by communicating through the alias email address rather than the user's email address.

Rather than providing their "actual" email address on a website, for example, when leaving a remark, signing up for a service, or purchasing anything, a Firefox Relay user would use an email alias given by the service. Firefox Release automatically sends emails to the user's email account.

Firefox Relay is not a novel idea. For a long period of time, Disposable Email Services provided comparable capabilities. Some enable the establishment of disposable email addresses, while others, like Firefox Relay, support accounts, and email forwarding.

A Mozilla Account is required to use the free version of Firefox Relay. It enables users to establish up to five email aliases that are generated randomly using the hostname *

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An Introduction To Premium Firefox Relay

Firefox Relay Premium is a paid upgrade to the free Firefox Relay. As is the case with the majority of commercial versions of services, it provides the user with additional features.

The three primary differences between this version and the free version of Firefox Relay are as follows:

  • Unlimited aliases — Firefox Relay Premium customers no longer have a restriction on the number of aliases they may create.
  • Custom email domains — When users join up for Firefox Relay Premium, they have the option of creating a subdomain alias in the form
  • Replay to forwarded emails — Using the Firefox Relay email address, users may replay to forwarded emails.
  • The initial price is $0.99 USD, €0.99 EUR, and CHF 1.00. At the time of writing, the service was accessible in the following regions: Canada, the United States, the U.k., Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Ireland, Germany, and Spain).

Mozilla has not said when or by how much it will raise the membership fee.


The premium edition of Firefox Relay enhances the email forwarding service with much-needed functionality. It remains restricted, particularly in terms of custom domain support and other capabilities, such as catch-all email addresses and support for bigger email attachments.

Simple Login, for example, is now offered for $20 in the first year and $30 afterward, and it does enable limitless custom domains specified by the user, five subdomains, a catch-all name, and PGP encryption.

Mozilla must continue to add features to Firefox Relay Premium before raising the membership fee. The one-custom domain restriction, in particular, needs to be loosened, since services on the Internet may easily stop from interacting with other sites and services.


Featured image: Firefox Relay Premium


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