New Apple Air Pods Are Coming This Year

Published on 29 May 2021

According to reports, Apple will launch all-new Air Pods 3 this year and Air Pods Pros in 2022. 

AirPods were first launched in September 2016 to great success. Apple generates significant revenue from its wearables and accessories section and AirPods are a big part of that. In the most recent quarter of 2021, Apple generated $7.8 billion in revenue. For the same period last year, the company had earned $6.2 billion. The company will release a new version of the Air Pods later this year. The new versions will have shorter stems, noise reduction and a new case design, similar to the current AirPods Pro. Apple also has plans in place to launch updated AirPods Pros in 2022. These will have motion sensors for better fitness tracking. The current retail price for AirPods with a wired charging case is $159. Users can upgrade to a wireless charging case for $199. AirPods Pro cost $249. Apple has not confirmed the report or announced any release dates.  

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Beats studio buds

At the upcoming WWDC 2021 event, Apple will most like unveil the Beats Studio Buds. Though Apple-owned Beats has not officially announced the product, the Beats Studio Buds have appeared on US Federal Communication Commission filings. Famous basketball player LeBron James recently uploaded pictures to Instagram where he is allegedly wearing the as-yet-unannounced product. On May 17th, developers working with iOS and tvOS 14.6 betas found evidence of the new headphones. 

2nd Generation Apple TV 4k

Apple has recently released its 2nd generation Apple TV device, which is called Apple TV 4K. The new iteration of the device has an updated processor. What users are most excited about though is the new Siri remote whose design was inspired by the iPod. The Apple TV's previous remote received a lot of criticism for being too symmetrical, making it hard for users to understand if they were holding it the correct way. The trackpad on the remote was also not easy to use, particularly when trying to scrub through videos or menu options. The new Siri remote has dedicated function buttons, similar to traditional TV remotes. Instead of a touchpad, the new remote has a click wheel for scrolling. Users will be familiar with the click wheel, which was popularized by the iPod. The new click pad has top, down, right, left buttons for movement and a center button to select. 

Apple's WWDC 2021 event is scheduled for 7th June and only a week away. Apple fans are looking forward to the keynote address that will be streamed from Apple Park and available to watch on YouTube. Subscribe to for the latest technology news.

Featured image: Instagram @kingjames