What to expect from Apple's WWDC 2021

Published on 28 May 2021

Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) will take place virtually on June 7. In this article, we've rounded up everything the company might announce at WWDC 2021 and what you should get excited for.

What we know about WWDC for sure

Last year was the first time Apple hosted a WWDC virtual event because of the Covid-19 pandemic, the company will continue with that format for 2021. The event will kick off with a keynote address which is scheduled for 10.00 AM PT/01.00 PM ET. This will be a pre-recorded video with high production values. Apple has gained a reputation for having excellent transitions and beautiful shots of Apple Park in these produced segments. Like last year, many Apple executives and engineers will appear in this video. After the keynote, the Platforms State of the Union address is scheduled for 2.00 PM PT/5.00 PM ET on June 7th. You will be able to watch the keynote address on Apple's website, the Apple Developer App, the Apple TV app, and YouTube. The State of the Union address will only be available on Apple's Developer website and app.    

What might be revealed at WWDC 2021 

Everything iOS 15

Not much is known about iOS 15. Last year, there were a lot of leaks about what was coming to iOS 14. Apple seems to have learned from those incidents and has managed to keep details about the new OS under wraps. Most people expect that Apple will continue its focus on privacy with the iOS 15. Reportedly the company is working on a feature that will show users which apps are collecting data about them. According to some reports, Apple will introduce new notification management and auto-reply features with the iOS15. Users will be able to define pre-work, work, and off-work times for their day. Based on this the way notifications are shown will change. So for example, pre-work would allow notifications to work as they do right now, but during work mode, all notifications would be automatically silenced and anyone who calls or texts you could receive an auto-reply that you are working

Updated iPadOS

The last big update to the iPadOS was 13.5 which came out in May of last year. It is long overdue for a major update. According to rumors that might be one of the reveals at this year's Apple WWDC event. The iPad pro powered by Apple's M1 chip was released in Apr 2020, Apple could make a lot of changes to the OS to match the new performance opportunities created by the M1 chip. New multitasking features and support for heavier applications like Final Cut pro may be announced. Apple will most likely also update the home screen design for the iPad. Last year the release of iOS14 allowed users to place widgets anywhere on their phone screens, this year iPadOS may allow iPad users to do the same. 

Updates to WatchOS 8

There haven't been a lot of leaks about what can be expected from the watch OS update. However, there have been a lot of rumors that have been circulating for a long time now, that might materialize at WWDC 2021. One persistent rumor is that the watch will add mental health features. The Apple Watch 6 has a pulse oximeter, in conjunction with heart readings the watch could detect panic attacks or increased levels of stress. Since 2017, there has been a rumor that Apple watches will be able to detect user's blood sugar levels. This seems unlikely though as new hardware, like a spectrometer will need to be added to the watch to make this feature possible. It could be something Apple decides to add to the next iteration of their watches.

Updated Mac OS

Fun speculation for fans is what the name of the MacOS will be. Until Mac OS X Apples used big cats for their naming conventions, Snow Leopard, Lion etc. From OX 10.10 Apple switched its naming convention to notable landmarks in California like Yosemite and Big Sur. There are no significant rumors or leaks related to the Mac OS. It's most likely that updates to the Mac OS will be limited to small changes that improve performance but aren't noticeable to users.

Hardware updates

Apple has used the keynote address to announce major updates regarding hardware in the past, however, this is not a guarantee. Many are expecting that Apple will announce the iMac Pro machines that feature the M1 chip at this year's WWDC virtual event. In April Apple introduced the new line of iMac machines with a stunningly thin design and vibrant colors. Reactions to the colored iMacs have been mixed, some find them beautiful, others ugly, and still others don't particularly care. Many are hoping that a newly designed iMac pro, powered by the M1 chip will be revealed at the conference. A new Macbook Pro with Apple's chip is also expected to be revealed. 

Other things that will happen at WWDC 2021

The WWDC is scheduled to run from June 7th to 11th, Most key announcements and reveals will be made during the keynote address, but ultimately this is a developers conference, Apple will reportedly host one-on-one labs and over 200 in-depth sessions. Developers will be able to pick the brains of Apple's engineers and designers. A lot more access than they have ever received before. WWDC 2021 will also have Pavillions, according to Apple these will provide, "an easy way for developers to explore relevant sessions, labs, and special activities for a given topic." Digital Lounges will be set up. Here Apple will conduct text-based question and answer sessions and, "special activities related to developer tool.”  On June 10th, the company will host the Apple Design Awards at 2.00 PM PT/5.00 PM ET. The design awards recognize the creative artistry and technical achievements of developers and are a matter of prestige in the developer community. This year the awards will also have a video component.

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Featured Image: Courtesy Apple