Powder, Social App for Gaming Clips Raises $14 Million

Published on 11 Feb 2021

French start-up Powder, allows users to share videos and clips of their gameplay. Users can follow others with similar interests and interact with them. In their recently concluded series A round of funding the company raised $14 million.

Platforms like Twitch, Discord and Reddit are already popular among the gaming community. However, there is no mobile app that is primarily associated with gaming content. Powder would like to fill that gap. Comparisons can be made to instagram or snapchat but for gamers.

The app will allow users to capture videos from various platforms and devices. Users can capture videos via their gaming console, PC or mobile. Users can access footage recorded via their console by connecting the Powder app with their account. The desktop app can be used for PCs and mobile game footage can be easily accessed on the mobile app.

The application will try to recognize the most important moments in the gaming footage. For example when a player scores a goal or is the winner of a last person standing game. Users can then trim the video, layer effects, add stickers and share the content with their followers. Users can react to and leave comments on content shared by other users and even send messages.

Powder’s investment history

To date Powder has raised $18 million. In 2018 pre-seed funding of $400,000 was provided by Kima Ventures and the co-founders of Zenly, Antoine Martin and Alexis Bonillo. Since then the company has raised $1.5 million from multiple investors in 2019 and then a $1.3 million seed fund extension in May 2020.

The company did not start out with the idea of building a social app for gaming clips. Powder tried making many consumer apps and would promptly change their concept if it was not gaining traction. Powder started out as a discord server. The team then built an app that would appeal to members of that community called the ‘metaversa camera’. For the current iteration of the app, the company has identified an effective distribution mechanism that will attract more downloads for the Powder app.

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Powder was co-founded by Barthélémy Kiss, Yannis Mangematin and Christian Navelot and is now available on Android.