The 10 Best News Apps

Published on 26 Aug 2022

Best News Apps

If you want to remain up to date on current events, you may download every single news app available. But it would be too much. Instead, choose a decent news aggregator to make your life simpler.

These news applications aggregate items from a wide range of sources and combine various reporting forms, so you won't simply receive pieces from the New York Times or a local news station.

Download the specialized app if you truly just want updates from your local newspaper. However, discover the best customizable news app for you for news items from across the globe and across categories such as entertainment, science, technology, politics, and more.

If you use notifications, you'll be pleased you limited yourself to just a few news applications to avoid your whole screen being bombarded with continual "breaking" messages.

All news applications on Android and Apple smartphones are free to download; however, some offer premium, paid versions.

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1. Apple News

Apple's news service keeps iPhone and iPad owners up to date on current events. You may browse top headlines or set up alerts for certain subjects or news providers. If that's what you truly want, you might get notified of every political news.

Apple News is also accessible for Mac laptop users as a web app, although it does not completely sync with the iOS or iPad app versions.

You may also subscribe to Apple News+ for $9.99 per month to have access to a variety of sites (including those behind paywalls) and listen to articles told as audio tales. This access is available on all devices.

One major flaw with Apple News: Android users are out of luck.

2. Google News

As one would anticipate, Google News is essentially Apple News for Android users. However, the Google News app is also available for iOS devices. If you currently depend on headlines from Google Search's "News" section on desktop, you'll probably fit right in with the search engine's news app.

Google News is available to everyone and is completely free to use with your Google account.

3. The Week

The Week is an in-person weekly magazine that gathers and analyzes news from across the world, but its associated app can rapidly catch you up. If you like making lists, the app's daily briefing option provides you with "10 things you need to know today" each day. You may also view certain articles without a membership on the app, but entire digital issues need a subscription (50 digital-only issues for $89).

The Week works best on desktop, but if you're usually on your phone, it will work too.

4. Flipboard

Flipboard, which began as a digital magazine, focuses on concepts rather than individual headlines when collecting news. It focuses on community curation to generate tiny magazine issues tailored to you on certain locations, themes, or events.

For the devoted news reader, the app may be tailored to your specific interests and favoured media.

5. SmartNews

This Japanese news aggregator uses machine intelligence to identify popular items for its app. For many years, it has been popular in Japan and the United States, with a concentration on news from those two nations. The portal also has partnerships with certain news providers and unique areas with live coverage, such as for the 2020 U.S. presidential election. Furthermore, its local news component is linked to 6,000 communities around the United States.

6. NewsCorp

This aggregator describes itself as a "news reader" with an emphasis on personalized news. It monitors the sorts of articles you click on to give you more stories likely to interest you. You may also manually choose subjects to ensure the machine gets it properly. But be warned: the app offers over 1 million subjects.

7. Yahoo News

Yahoo is still in business. While you may have moved your email account to Gmail years ago, Yahoo News is still going strong with a solid selection of content from major news sites. It is particularly well-known for breaking news and live events like the impending Tokyo Olympics in 2021.

8. News Break

Rather than presenting top articles for a national audience, the News Break app attempts to localize news based on cities and metropolitan regions of interest to you. Instead of the latest Florida building collapse, you may locate local news stories from your area or neighbourhood. A former Yahoo executive from China created the app a few years ago.

You can change the amount of alerts News Break sends you, but even the lowest level might seem like a daily assault.

9. Ground News

With news from across the globe and over 50,000 sources all in one spot, you may become too informed. Depending on your membership level, Ground News offers a variety of news products such as an app, website, browser extension, newsletter, and other news comparison tools. There are three options: Free (for nothing), Pro (for $0.83 per month), and Premium (for $2.49 per month).

Ground News' headline analysis tool for a maximum of three sources, 20 unique interests, coverage distribution map, and device compatibility are all included for free. Premium includes limitless personalization, blind spot detection, unlimited headline comparisons, and a weekly email.

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10. Pocket

Although Pocket is Mozilla's bookmarking tool, the app's homepage has a "Discover" option that displays popular articles that others have saved to the app. You can also connect your Twitter account (as well as your iOS and Google contact lists) to check which sites your followers are connecting to for a more customized selection. The premium edition of the "read later" app, which includes a permanent library and recommended tags for improved organization, costs $4.99 per month or $44.99 per year.


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