Touch ID On The iPhone 14 Is Unlikely

Published on 26 Jan 2022

iPhone 14, touch ID

As per the latest online buzz, anyone hoping to return Touch ID to the iPhone range might have to wait a bit longer. DylanTK, a leaker, has given his voice to recent speculation that the iPhone 14 and its Pro model extensions will not use Apple's long-rumoured under-display technology.

Despite the reality that most Android phone makers tout under-display fingerprint scanning as a biometric security feature, Apple has yet to follow suit.

The iPhone SE seems to be the only iPhone with the technology inside the Home button, and it's still the optical sensor Apple has always used instead of the ultrasonic technology that can lie unobtrusively beneath the display. According to rumours, this will be moved near the power button rather than beneath the display in a future edition.

Despite widespread calls for its return – particularly considering the difficulties of using Face ID while wearing a mask – it is unlikely to happen in 2022.

"I am in complete agreement with recent information shared by fellow Analysts and Leakers," Dylan TK writes in a tweet. In the year, no iPhone 14 models or Apple products will include an in-display Touch ID sensor, and ProMotion will be limited to iPhone 14 Pro models."

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The ProMotion Limitations 

You'll see that the mention of ProMotion screens is limited to the iPhone 14 Pro models, rather than seeping down to the ordinary models, as has been speculated in previous weeks.

"I have heard nothing but concerns from many sources with regards to its Wireless Charging/MagSafe capabilities," the developer said of the prospects of an iPad Pro powered by the M2 CPU. He also claims that the release of a new iMac Pro may be delayed due to production issues.

While many well-connected Apple observers anticipate that this year will be one of the most significant in terms of Apple hardware, it appears that not all requests will be granted.


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