10 Essential Capabilities of a Modern SOC

Published on 09 May 2021

White paper - 10 Essential Capabilities of a Modern SOC

We’re living in a time of unprecedented innovation. Technology is refactoring entire industries, globalizing our businesses and multiplying the efficiency of our workforce. But we’ve only scratched the surface. As innovation continues to surge, there’s no telling what we’ll be able to achieve, and the consequences we could subsequently face. As the number of connected devices swiftly approaches 80 billion, and as automation is ingrained in our everyday routines, changes in our world will only accelerate and the attack surface will inevitably grow. Security departments are forced to grapple with data coming from multiple sources, in different formats and at faster speeds, making it clear that many organizations aren’t prepared for the data challenges of today and tomorrow.

Your organization needs visibility to know what’s there, and context to better understand what’s really at risk. Having more data around the systems and people using them can ultimately give us a better understanding of how to manage risk. That’s why organizations are spending billions of dollars and countless hours to try and tap into the value of their data, plugging security vulnerabilities exposed by a holistic view across their infrastructure. They’re creating data lakes integrating and working across countless systems that create massive data volumes, while also navigating the complex web of tools designed to aggregate, monitor and analyze this data to address their greatest security challenges.

Data to Drive Decisions 

It’s vital to bring data to every question our organizations ask, every decision we make and every action we take. But in an evolving and increasingly connected world that produces ever more data, the challenge is not only how to keep up with it all, but how to turn it into insight and action. Data comes in different forms, from varying sources, which many organizations have yet to tap to better secure themselves. Optimizing your security stack so that your team can function at peak performance requires a single platform that frees up teams to take action; from investigation and monitoring to orchestration and remediation. It must be a robust platform that enables the entire organization to leverage the power of data through a singular, holistic lens. This approach means fewer, smarter technology investments, less complexity and fewer barriers between data and action.

Building a Modern SOC

Security teams are hard at work on the front lines: identifying, analyzing and mitigating threats facing their organization. But despite their best efforts, incident backlogs continue to grow larger every day. The reality is that there simply aren’t enough skilled professionals to analyze the volume of incidents that most organizations face. But a modern SOC, powered by and built on a data-to-everything platform, has visibility across the entire enterprise, creating a common work surface for every team member. A single suite that seamlessly integrates solutions from other vendors to augment existing capabilities means an analyst’s time will be spent on higher value activities, removing the need to pivot between dozens of products and creating a common work surface for every team member.

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