A Roadmap to SASE for Better Network Security

Published on 22 Jan 2022

A Whitepaper - Roadmap to SASE for Better Network Security

Network security has evolved beyond the confines of the data center. Security requirements have now shifted to the cloud, the conventional perimeter-based models that we had come to rely on can no longer keep up with the demands of modern network security. Cybersecurity teams now have to deal with a new type of network that comes with its own set of security requirements. Cyber attacks are getting more frequent and sophisticated, there is an increased need to secure users, data, and devices from threats both internal and external. It can be difficult for businesses to determine the best approach and what technologies they should use. A good network security solution will increase speed, provide greater agility and allow users to secruly access the network. This whitepaper by Cisco Umbrella examines the future of the security landscape and highlights what organizations need to do in order to secure their networks for the present and the near future.

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After the events of the past year, an increased number of workers are working remotely. This means that networks are connected to more roaming devices, and the use of cloud-based apps and services has increased. All of these means that the edges of the network an organization utilizes have expanded far beyond the data centre. Over the past decade, the need for users to be able to connect from anywhere at any time has increased. This has made it necessary for IT teams to find new ways to protect users and secure business-critical data. Users accessing applications are now distributed across various locations and the applications that are being used are also equally distributed. This trend is expected to continue globally. Organizations need to find a way to provide remote workers with consistent and secure access to their networks and applications.

  • 16% of companies saw over 100,000 alerts per day
  • 93% agree moving security to the cloud has increased efficiency, allowing security to focus on other areas
  • 64% believe network security is more 64% difficult than two years ago

What Is SASE? 

An alternative to the conventional data centre or perimeter-focused security is SASE, pronounced 'sassy'. SASE is built on a cloud-based architecture. It unifies networking and security services in a single solution. This type of solution is made to provide secure access from edge to edge, this includes remote offices, roaming users, the data centre, on-premise devices, and more. Consolidating network and security functions into a single service that can be deployed anywhere, make it possible for SASE solutions to provide improved security as well as better performance. Such solutions also reduce the cost and the complexity required to secure a distributed network.  

As businesses implement transformations, network security is moving to the cloud. This is giving rise to a need for converged services that are less complex, improve speed and provide greater agility. Download this whitepaper by Cisco Umbrella to learn more about SASE components and the next evolution in cloud convergence. 


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