5 Key Areas Where Architects Must Augment Cloud-native Security Tools

Published on 29 May 2021

White paper - Securing the cloud with Fortinet

An increasing number of DevOps teams are moving their organizations to the cloud. There are significant benefits to could technologies and it's not surprising that after the Covid-19 pandemic there has been an increase in cloud adoption. However, many of these DevOps teams are not fully considering the security implications of adopting cloud technologies. Most cloud services offer their own security tools and feature. However, these are not fool-proof and often have gaps. Hackers and bad actors can exploit these gaps to steal data and sensitive information. They can even seriously damage the organization's operations and cause downtimes. There are 5 key areas that security architects must examine and augment to ensure they have robust cloud security.

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Security tools offered by cloud platforms are lacking

The cloud model works well for continuous integration and continuous delivery practices that most DevOps teams use today. Often DevOps team members are using cloud infrastructure for computing, storage, networking, and other functions. However, this creates a significant security risk that security teams need to guard against. Since so much sensitive information is now on the cloud, a successful breach can cause a lot of damage to the business. It can lead to a halt in operations, negative public perception, and severe financial damages. Cybercriminals have gotten smarter. They are now using advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and swarm technology to improve their malware. They target the same organization from multiple points of the attack surface to increase their chances of success. This is why it is necessary for organizations to augment their cloud security architecture.

More about Fortinet

Fortinet provides the critical security layers that modern businesses need. It integrates with the broader security architecture of a business. Fortinet has solutions for cloud platform security management, and API protection. The solutions were designed to be used for cloud security and are hence highly effective. The use of such solutions reduces the need for businesses to invest in dedicated security staff or spend long hours training their security teams on new tools. Download this white paper to learn more about Fortinet's solutions and how they can augment your existing security architecture to work more effectively for cloud platforms. Cloud infrastructure is complex, often could platforms have extensive configuration options that DevOps teams may not be familiar with. Configuration complexities increase cybersecurity risk. Hence a comprehensive tool like Fortinet is required.

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