Five Steps to a Mature Cybersecurity Program and Achieve Resiliency: A Systems Perspective

Published on 07 Feb 2024

Mature Cybersecurity Program

The rate at which cyber threats are multiplying in numbers and becoming increasingly complex, no organization in the world is 100% safe. In this evolving threat landscape, the key to staying ahead of the curve lies in the ability to anticipate threats before they happen and mitigate them when they do.

To achieve this, organizations must build a strong and mature cybersecurity program that continuously evaluates cybersecurity performance. A program that not only focuses on the existing attack surface but also factors in the growing attack surface due to the increased adoption of cloud technologies and new ways of working.

Building a mature cybersecurity program requires a well-thought-out strategic roadmap that outlines steps for prevention, detection, response, and recovery from cyberattacks. One way to build a mature cybersecurity program is to follow the below 5-step framework :

Step 1) Assess
Step 2) Report
Step 3) Model
Step 4) Remediate
Step 5) Communicate

Download this free whitepaper and discover the secrets to building a robust cybersecurity program through the 5-step framework.


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