Future Proof Your Organizations ERP Systems

Published on 28 Dec 2022

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Future-proofing your company requires digital change. More than half (59%) of SAPinsider community members indicated that change was essential to their firm.

Implementing automation tools and technologies in both new and current systems is the top activity supporting transformation, according to 49% of respondents. According to SAPinsider's Transformation in the Enterprise benchmark study, enterprises must have a clean core to reach a higher degree of automation.

"No matter what the business forces are driving your strategy and objectives around transformation, having a single system with limited flexibility can help provide the foundation you need to address those drivers. "Whether you want to upgrade systems to give greater information, employ automation, or restructure processes, these activities are easier to execute when there are fewer adaptations to consider," the research suggests.

According to the research, firms need a clean core to transform and future-proof their ERP investment. If a business is utilizing SAP ECC, it is even more critical to migrate to a clean core to assist the transition to S/4HANA.

Future-Proofing Measures

What can businesses do to secure the future of their SAP ERP system? They may take the following steps:

Remove current SAP modifications. 

It is critical to remove custom code from SAP ERP systems to increase performance and prepare for SAP S/4HANA. Organizations may use automation-driven solutions to examine custom code in their SAP systems and then rearrange the customized to clear up the core.

Create new functionality that is not part of the SAP ERP core.

This will aid in keeping the core clean. Many firms have employed developers and consultants over the years to alter their ERP code to offer unique functionality for their company and industry, resulting in code congestion. With a clean core, enterprises may start their transition even before changing their ERP.

Implement a low-code development platform. 

Low-code development may assist your business in swiftly adapting, scaling, and embracing prospects. The objective is not to simplify coding but to reduce or remove its need, resulting in quicker and more secure development. Low-code development allows for a more efficient and contemporary means of creating new functionalities without incurring technical debt from bespoke code. A future-proof software development method may assist in creating applications adaptable to change, which is critical when the application's future is unknown.

ServiceNow Assists in Future-Proofing

ServiceNow, a supplier of workflow and process automation software, can assist SAP clients in overcoming the obstacles of transitioning to SAP S/4HANA and future-proofing their SAP ERP system with a clean core.

The ServiceNow strategy is to diagnose your SAP core to determine your migration priorities. It describes the best approaches to change those bespoke processes using either an out-of-the-box solution or replicating those functions outside of SAP after selecting those objectives.

The company offers a customization mining tool that allows you to view everything from business process steps to SAP transaction codes. You may not only evaluate each phase, but also discover where you need more processes.

Once you have such insights, you may concentrate on the best ways to update those processes.

Many non-core adaptations, such as out-of-the-box software-as-a-service (SaaS), may replace current ERP systems. When out-of-the-box features do not satisfy your needs, you may re-platform them using ServiceNow's Creator Workflows. Your key ERP modules stay in SAP and are easily migrated.

Creator Workflows provide standardized pre-built experience components as well as low-code tools and templates to enable the creation of additional functionalities as required without re-creating the clutter that stifles creativity. Quick-start templates and a drag-and-drop programming environment comprising modular building blocks and pre-built components enable citizen and professional developers to efficiently interact with your application development team to create new ideas while not influencing the core. Citizen developers lack conventional coding abilities but may help construct future solutions independently or in collaboration with professional developers – without clogging the core with unique code.

ServiceNow assists organizations in transforming by automating and streamlining operations and increasing user experience, security, governance, and performance. Furthermore, ServiceNow incorporates artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities into its Creator Workflows platform to give predictive intelligence. Users can swiftly fix problems using the platform's single complete context view of analytics and AI-assisted suggestions.


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