The Total Economic Impact Of Nutanix Era

Published on 02 Apr 2022

Economic Impact, Nutanix Era

Nutanix commissioned Forrester Consulting to undertake a Total Economic ImpactTM (TEI) research and investigate the possible return on investment (ROI) companies may receive by using Nutanix Era.

This research aims to give a methodology for readers to assess the possible financial effect of Era on their enterprises. Nutanix Era is an enterprise cloud platform expansion that offers a database-as-a-service approach to ease database administration and maintenance.

To get a better understanding of the advantages, costs, and risks involved with this investment, Forrester conducted interviews with four Era customers. For the purposes of this research, Forrester aggregated the experiences of the interviewed customers into a composite company.

Prior to implementing Era, clients maintained their conventional legacy database estates using several solutions that were very manual, sluggish, and had substantial storage and compute needs. These complicated settings spawned IT inefficiencies, unreliable performance, and unwieldy and costly database estates.

After investing in Era, clients were able to take a novel approach to database management, resulting in increased efficiency, automation, and simplicity.

Quantifiable Advantages

Quantified risks-adjusted present value (PV) advantages include:

  • Accelerated the provisioning of databases by 97%. The decrease in average provisioning time from two weeks to hours eliminated bottlenecks and increased the productivity of both database administrators (DBAs) and developers. Over three years and a total of 120 provisioning requests, the reduced provisioning schedule will save the composite company more than $371,000.
  • 60% reduction in storage needs for copies and backups. Era database clones need 60 per cent less storage space, saving the enterprise $800 for every saved terabyte (TB) of storage. Over the course of three years, the composite will save more than $4.3 million in storage costs.
  • Up to 50 per cent, less DBA overtime was required due to simplified database administration. By eliminating complications and increasing DBA productivity, the composite company may minimize monthly overtime from 100 hours to 50. Over three years and a cumulative total of 1,500 extra hours saved, the composite will save more than $119,000.
  • Decreased expenses associated with administration tool sets and licensing. Era reduces dependency on administrative tools and licensing, resulting in cost savings. After transferring all databases to Nutanix and over the course of three years, the combined firm will save over $2.6 million in license fees.
  • Automated database patching and administration prevent hourly losses of $35,000. The decrease in downtime from four hours each patching event to thirty minutes prevents financial ramifications for the composite organisation for six patching occurrences per year.

The expanded patching capabilities are worth more than $1.6 million to the composite over the course of three years and 63 cumulative hours of reduced downtime.

Unquantifiable Advantages

  • The following benefits were not measured for this study:
  • The Nutanix staff delivered outstanding customer service.
  • Era includes best practices beyond the box to ease the management of a complicated environment.
  • Avoided updating old gear and software, saving millions of dollars.
  • Enhanced the employee experience and enhanced the businesses' ability to recruit and retain young talent.

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