Use Citrix Workspace To Improve User Experience, Business Value & Security

Published on 12 Mar 2022

Improve User Experience With Citrix Workspace

Organizations are always striving to update how they deliver infrastructure resources to their workers in order to improve business efficiency, effectiveness, and agility while preserving — or increasing — security. The pandemic-induced shift to remote employees put IT's capacity to reach these targets under pressure. Furthermore, according to an ESG study, 46 percent of firms named the rising volume of cybersecurity risks caused by more remote employees as one of their top COVID-19 problems, while 46 percent highlighted the security of online collaboration platforms. Furthermore, 39% said they were required to teach staff on work-from-home (WFH) technology and rules.

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Understanding the Citrix Workspace

Citrix created Workspace to be a single platform that gives users safe, personalized access to all the applications, data, and content they need to achieve their business objectives. Citrix Workspace organizes and automates work, reducing user workload, increasing productivity, and increasing employee engagement. Users may use Workspace from corporate and personal PCs and laptops, mobile phones and tablets, and public kiosks, giving them flexibility and adaptation depending on their work styles. Workspace streamlines user workflow by connecting with and delivering out-of-the-box micro applications for hundreds of the most popular local, mobile, SaaS, online, and content apps.

The Advantages of Citrix Workspace

Citrix Workspace enables centralized, secure access to SaaS, virtual applications and desktops, micro apps, and data. With single sign-on, users receive rapid, VPN-free access to applications and services (SSO). Analytics and browser isolation improve IT performance and security. Citrix Workspace deployments assist organizations by providing:

Workplace Models That Are Adaptable

Increasing user productivity and efficiency while offering a consistent and safe user experience regardless of where users work. Supporting flexible work models may improve employee happiness, recruit fresh talent, ensure company continuity during interruptions, minimize OpEx, and help the talent pool expand geographically.

Improved Security

The aggregation of all sanctioned applications allows for the enforcement of authentication rules, the monitoring of user activity, and the streamlining of the login experience. Implementing the zero-trust security approach (never trust, always verify) allows enterprises to secure local, SaaS, and online applications while also protecting against malware and ransomware, lowering security risk without impacting employee experience.

Scalability and Adaptability

Increase agility to grow as required, adjusting personnel changes due to seasonality, interruptions, and expansions. Assist with temporary staff and bursting technological capacity according to demand.

Streamlined Training and Onboarding 

Employees can deliver value from day one thanks to the unified workplace. Centrally managed resources and contextual security minimize administrative effort and help desk calls, resulting in a faster time to value.

Improved Application Performance

To improve employee and customer experience and productivity, monitor and reduce application performance and function.

Enhanced User Experience

Organizations are discovering that in order to remain competitive, they must spend in enhancing their users' experiences and uncovering how workers and consumers feel in the moment about every encounter with their work environment. A good user experience considers usefulness, desirability, accessibility, credibility, usability, findability, and value. This is why organizations prioritize boosting cooperation, streamlining security, and facilitating work outside of the corporate office, among other things.


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