Amazon Partners With Ginger

Published on 22 Aug 2022

Amazon, Ginger

Amazon is now in people's therapists' offices, doctors' offices, homes, and shopping carts. According to an Amazon Care homepage, Amazon's virtual healthcare service now includes a relationship with mental health startup Ginger. 

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An Overview of the Partnership

The page describes the mental health options offered by Amazon Care. Primary care professionals on the platform can address conditions such as moderate anxiety. Patients may be directed to physicians outside Amazon Care for more significant problems. Ginger, a digital mental health platform that provides individuals access to mental health coaches and therapists every single day and time of the week, will be accessible as an optional add-on for Amazon Care customers, according to the website. The website states, "Health information is exchanged between Amazon Care and Ginger."

In the United States, mental health services are in high demand, yet it may be difficult for most individuals to obtain a conventional in-person therapist. Apps for mental health have increased to fill this need, despite possible privacy issues.

Amazon has not yet replied to a proposition for comment at the time of publishing. Ginger and Amazon have not officially announced their cooperation.

What Is Amazon Care?

Amazon Care debuted in 2019 as a hybrid in-person and virtual care service for Seattle-based Amazon workers. Now, businesses in all fifty states may provide the service to their workers.

This is the internet giant's latest foray into healthcare, which opened its pharmacy in 2020 and has Alexa-integrated hospital programs. Amazon commented in July of this year that it would acquire primary care provider One Medical.

Amazon integrates itself into many aspects of daily life, not just healthcare. It also struck a deal to acquire Roomba robot vacuum manufacturer iRobot, which creates floor models of people's homes, only one week ago. Jennifer Pattison Tuohy, a reviewer of smart homes for the Verge, said when the news of the acquisition emerged, this was likely the reason Amazon acquired the firm. It's another tendril extending from the tech business and wrapping around the private sphere, giving them "a full picture of your daily existence."


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