Chrome Version 100 Is Here With A New Logo

Published on 04 Apr 2022

Chrome Version 100

It has been almost 14 years since Google's Chrome browser first exposed the world to its sleek design and all-encompassing "Omnibox" in 2008. For most of its existence, the search giant's browser has received a new version number every six weeks, but the business moved to a four-week cycle last year in order to provide new features faster. The browser has now been upgraded to version 100. Google has announced that the version 100 update is now available on stable channels for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

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An Overview of The Advancements

Chrome's first triple-digit version has come with less fanfare and with more "fixes and enhancements." A new logo has been introduced, which is the most significant alteration. As a result of removing some of the shadowing detail from the previous logo design, the new logo has a flatter appearance that is more in line with the app icons for Google's other products and services.

Some of the other changes that will be implemented in Chrome 100 include the removal of "light mode" from the browser's Android app, which was previously supposed to consume less mobile data and load websites quicker. Nevertheless, as Chrome support administrator Craig Tumblison stated in a blog post issued last month, the functionality has become less important since mobile data rates have reduced and Chrome has gotten more data-efficient in general, making it less necessary.

Chrome 100 Potential Challenges

There have been apprehensions mentioned about the probability that the switch to version 100 would create problems for websites that are only built to recognize browsers with two-digit version numbers. As Google has been warning users about the shift for months, it's probable that any serious flaws have already been identified and fixed before the switch takes effect. If this is not the case, Google has said that the company will be allowed to stop the edition number of its browser at 99 until the concerns have been resolved.


Featured image: Chrome


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