Google Meet Releases New Features

Published on 07 Apr 2022

Google Meet

In an effort to boost virtual communication, Google is releasing a slew of new Workspace features. Emoji responses in Google Meet are the new feature we are most enthusiastic about since we are huge fans of emojis.

More About Google Meet’s Latest Updates

You may now use emojis like the heart or the thumbs-up to express your mood in a meeting. A list of the available emojis will appear on the right or left of your screen, depending on your preference.

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A comparable option in Zoom is one that we often utilize. It's a terrific way to express our feelings without having to unmute and disturb a whole meeting, and we believe they'll be useful in Meet as well. According to the company, Google plans to make these in-person responses available in April.

A picture-in-picture option is also being added to Meet, allowing you to see who's speaking even when you're not on the current Meet page, which is a nice feature. Beginning in April, this feature will be accessible to Meet users who are using the Chrome browser.

A Meet call that you can initiate or bring into a Google Doc, Sheet, or Slide will let you view meeting participants directly beside what you're working on, which will make it easier to collaborate with others while using these tools. Availability of this functionality is expected in the near future. Customers of the Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, Education Plus, and Teaching & Learning Upgrade Workspace will soon be able to broadcast their Meet calls to YouTube, as we said before.

Workspace users will also be able to choose end-to-end encryption for their Meet chats later this year. Customers of Business Plus, Enterprise Plus, and Education Plus will be able to use client-side encryption starting in May.

Latest Google Meet Collaborations

In addition to Meet, Google is updating its Slack-like collaboration software, Spaces, with new features. In-line threading, which allows you to separate discussions into their own threads without filling up the main channel, is likely to be well received. There will be in-line threading in the near future. (Discord threads were only introduced lately.) Spaces team size limitations will be increased to 8,000 persons by Google as well. The cap will be raised to 25,000 persons before the end of the year.


Featured image: Google Meet


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