Best Office Management Tools In 2022

Published on 08 Apr 2022

Office Management Tools

Being an expert in office management requires the ability to manage a diverse range of duties and responsibilities.

This is exacerbated further by the move toward remote work, with many Office Managers relying on virtual technologies to assist them in accomplishing their objectives. Office management software systems are meant to make your life simpler and free up valuable brain space so that you may continue to cross stuff off your to-do list.

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What Is Office Management?

Office management is the process of managing and enhancing the logistics inside an office in order to assist all of the organization's personnel. As an Office Manager, you are required to do more than the average employee. You are the scheduler, financial adviser, supervisor, and office shopper, among other things.

Maintaining control of all of these jobs is contingent on one critical factor: the office management technologies and software you utilize. However, how can you determine which ones are the most effective?

These six top office management software systems and solutions can simplify your life as an office manager.

Best Office Management Software & Tools 

1) Awardco

Most Effective For Employee Reward

Awardco is a rewards system for employees that places a premium on optimization, automation, and customization. Recognize and reward your staff to foster a healthy work environment and increase employee retention and happiness.

We like this office management software for the following reasons: Awardco enables you to provide meaningful gifts by concentrating on the who, what, and why of each gift.

Businesses that use this software for office administration include the following:

  • Ford
  • Hertz
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield 

Notable characteristics include the following:

  1. Access to the world's greatest rewards network features millions of events, items, gift cards, and vacations.
  2. Customized holiday and milestone gift boxes.
  3. A nimble and enjoyable staff reward scheme.
  4. Distribution and management on a global scale.

Awardco enables you to offer in your own unique manner, prizes suited to your staff and key values.

2) Kallidus

Most effective for Onboarding

Kallidus creates a one-of-a-kind onboarding software by fusing a superior user experience with a people-first attitude. Kallidus enhances the onboarding process for both new workers and HR by automating much of the boring administrative labor.

We like this office management software for the following reasons: Kallidus onboarding increases simplicity while enabling your firm to add a personal touch and establish the team culture.

Businesses that use this software for office administration include the following:

  • Aston Martin 
  • Legoland
  • Baxters Food Group

Notable characteristics include the following:

  1. A customized orientation designed to educate new workers about the company's history and culture.
  2. Streamline onboarding with an easy-to-use document upload and e-signature system.
  3. Individualize employee data to facilitate accounting.
  4. Automated IT configuration.
  5. Onboarding in bulk for rapidly increasing teams.

Utilize onboarding software Kallidus to get a new employee off to a good start.

3) Empuls

Most Effective for Employee Engagement

With Empuls, you can combat disengagement and foster an office culture—even though your workers may never meet in person. Empuls connects your team via social media, messaging, and prizes, creating an experience that you can tailor to your office's culture.

We like this office management software for the following reasons: Empuls enhances your workers' experience organically and holistically, from their initial intake call through their departure party. As a reputable employee engagement software provider, you can now monitor your workers' performance in real-time.

Businesses that use this software for office administration include the following:

  • Pepsi
  • Freshworks
  • ShareChat

Notable characteristics include the following:

  1. A straightforward team social networking platform for communication, posting, and participation.
  2. Approachable engagement surveys to assist you in diagnosing business problems.
  3. Automated remuneration to stimulate your staff.
  4. A powerful recognition system that contributes to the development of empowering workplace culture.

Improve your workplace culture by enrolling your staff in Empuls.

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4) ClearCompany

Most effective for Recruiting

ClearCompany is a talent management solution that enables you to scale and accelerate your recruitment efforts. ClearCompany's over 16 years of expertise enables us to assist your organization in effectively hiring top-tier new team members. ClearCompany can also help you with performance management and engagement tactics after your new members are onboarded.

Why we love this office management software: ClearCompany is highly rated for a reason—it combines a simple user interface with advanced technologies to assist you with all aspects of hiring.

Businesses that use this software for office administration include the following:

  • Chick-fil-A
  • Answer Financial
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

Among ClearCompany's top features are the following:

  1. An application tracking solution that enables you to centralize all of your recruitment data.
  2. Advanced interview scheduling, applicant communications, and offer letter management are all available to you.
  3. A simple-to-use, all-inclusive paperless onboarding solution.

Recruiting is critical to the future development and success of your business. Leave nothing to chance—use ClearCompany to expedite and comprehensively manage your recruitment process.

5) Kazoo

Best for Recognizing employees

Kazoo is a feature-rich employee experience platform that includes goal monitoring, live chat, active feedback, and incentive programs. Additionally, Kazoo has an employee recognition tool that is great for fostering a positive workplace culture. Employees may offer and receive praises, as well as get prizes for their efforts.

Why we like this office management software: Kazoo makes it simple to foster a positive work environment while also recognizing and keeping your top performers.

Businesses that use this software for office administration include the following:

  • Kia
  • Hitachi
  • Kaiser Permanente

Notable characteristics include the following:

  1. A team-wide social feed dedicated to expressing thanks and acknowledgement.
  2. Special presents recognize team members' successes both at work and at home.
  3. Employees earn reward points that may be used to redeem products, experiences, and charity contributions.
  4. Discover more about your workers by tracking their incentives and recognitions.

Kazoo's recognition system for employees is music to our ears. Purchase Kazoo and demonstrate to your staff how much they are cherished.

6) Sapling

Most Effective for Workflow Management

Sapling integrates your team, preferred tools, and data in one easy, highly configurable environment, making it ideal for both large distant enterprises and tiny businesses struggling to keep organized. You can't go wrong with Sapling, whether you're charting the squad for quick information access or seeking aid with this season's hiring.

Why we like this office management software: In addition to providing excellent services in and of itself, Sapling's integration with other beneficial office administration products makes it indispensable.

Businesses that use this software for office administration include the following:

  • Warby Parker
  • Figma
  • Webflow

Notable characteristics include the following:

  1. Integrate office management technologies such as Lever, Workday, and Kallidus, among others.
  2. Individual profiles for each member of your team.
  3. Team family trees help maintain workplace cohesion regardless of where everyone is physically located.
  4. Automated assistance with onboarding and offboarding.
  5. A completely configurable feedback system that includes surveys, analytics, and data monitoring.

Sapling makes it simple to assist your team in growing. Join Sapling to improve your team's organization and workflow management.

While wearing numerous hats might be challenging, the correct tools can significantly ease and organize your Office Manager's life.


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