Google Docs To Help Improve Writing Technique

Published on 09 Apr 2022

Google Docs

Google Docs will soon be able to propose methods to enhance the quality of your work in addition to correcting simple grammatical and spelling issues, according to the firm. A purple squiggly line will show beneath ideas that will assist you in making your writing more concise, inclusive, and active, or that will caution you from using unsuitable language.


Third-party services like Grammarly, which is compatible with Google Docs and tries to enhance the overall quality of your writing, have long provided these new Google recommendations to its users. Google's native recommendations, depending on their quality, might significantly diminish the necessity for these third-party services in the long run. 

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Accessibility of The Latest Google Doc Features


The one hitch is that Google isn't making these assisted writing tools available to all of its Workspace plans at the same time. "Tone and Style" recommendations, according to the company, will be accessible to members of the "Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus, [and] Education Plus" plans. "Word Warnings" will be accessible on the "Business Standard, Business Plus, Enterprise Standard, Enterprise Plus," "Education Fundamentals," "Education Standard," "Education Plus," and "Teaching and Learning Up" plans. At the same time, "Word Warnings" will be available on all other programs. Those on more basic Google Workspace plans, such as Google Workspace Essentials, will be unable to access either set of capabilities.

Other Google Doc Updates


Google has been on a roll lately, releasing new Google Docs features. It recently released Markdown support, much to the pleasure of anybody who prefers to style their work using text shortcuts rather than keyboard shortcuts rather than the traditional formatting methods. And, as of last month, it began rolling out a new "pageless" view for Docs, which adjusts the size of your document to the size of your window rather than the size of a piece of (increasingly fictional) paper. 


Both sets of assistive writing capabilities will be rolled out over the next couple of weeks for quick release domains, but the majority of users will see them progressively roll out over the course of the second half of April, according to the company. They'll be switched on by default, but workspace administrators and end-users may turn them off.


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