Top 5 Martech Tools to Include in Your Stack in 2022

Published on 07 Mar 2022

The array of accessible MarTech tools has grown bewildering. While having a diverse choice is desirable, many businesses and marketers struggle with too much choice when developing their MarTech stack.

What is a Marketing Technology Stack?

A marketing technology stack (often referred to as a "MarTech Stack") is a set of technologies used by digital marketers to optimize and effectively execute marketing operations across several channels. These technologies enable businesses and teams to monitor consumer data and campaign performance, expedite internal communication, and interact with their client base.

There is no "optimal size" for the MarTech stack. It varies with each business and is highly dependent on the size of the enterprise as well as your objectives.

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5 Marketing Technology Stacks for 2022

After covering the fundamentals, it's time to dive into our list of 5 MarTech tool suggestions for 2022.

To ensure that we are all on the same page, here is a list of tools that we found helpful, fascinating, or left us pretty amazed. We are skipping over the obvious and clear options including Google Analytics, Adwords, and Google Drive in favour of others you would not have considered otherwise.

1. Landbot - lead Generation And Engagement Platform

Landbot may seem to be a little bit prejudiced, considering that I am the CEO. Nonetheless, our exclusive technology is central to our marketing approach, and we are unwavering in our conviction in its potential. As a result, excluding it from this list would be deceptive and outright dishonest. 

Landbot is a no-code chatbot builder that enables non-technical users to develop rule-based and even natural language processing-based conversational aides for the web, WhatsApp, Facebook, and any other messaging or native application that supports APIs.

When developing a web-based chatbot, you have the option of sharing it in four distinct forms, including:

  • In the corner, you'll see a standard live chat widget.
  • Embed a pop-up website
  • Completely self-contained landing page

Landbot's most potent uses, as a result of this versatility, are lead generation as well as engagement.

Due to the ease with which conversations can be created, updated, and monitored, the platform provides marketers with a unique opportunity to test with real-time discussions. For example, by replacing a nicer chat style for forms or surveys and providing quick gratification in a way that feels more comfortable and normal on almost any device.

Simply said, Landbot is the most cost-effective automation solution on the chatbot market, so simple to use that even an intern recruited two days ago will have no trouble getting started.

  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Credit card needed upon registration: No
  • Pricing: Begins at 30$/month

2. Encharge - Content Management System & Email Journey

Encharge is among the tools in our MarTech platform, and because it has consistently shown outstanding results, I am pleased to include it.

Encharge is a solution that enables you to manage client data from your applications and to use it to generate segmented email journeys based on descriptive and behavioural data. We utilized Autopilot before to Encharge. However, their pricing model was not scalable, and as we developed, the cost of their service became prohibitively expensive.

Encharge, a technology with really amazing customer support, a very simple visual path builder, and a price structure tailored to fast-growing enterprises like ours who need the ability to manage massive amounts of data. Once all the email journey was established, we found more incredible functionalities, such as leveraging this tool for customer qualification and building hyper-customizable events for Segment and Mixpanel to help our remarketing efforts. All of this is possible without code.

  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free plan: No
  • Credit card needed upon registration: No
  • Pricing: Consumer-based; begins at $49/month

3. Elementor — An All-in-One Marketing and Web Development Platform

Elementor allows anybody to construct fully-featured WordPress websites without the need for or knowledge of coding.

WordPress is possibly the most widespread content management system on the market, and for good reason; it is incredibly adaptable and enables incredibly dynamic websites.

However, if you lack true technical skills, developing a WordPress website might be quite difficult. Elementor was developed to assist folks who are unable (or unwilling) to code in achieving their goal of a killer WordPress site.

Elementor enables almost any user to design any website they can imagine. It has a slew of tools that assist small business owners in developing their own WordPress-based online storefronts, capturing leads, and closing sales. Additionally, it interacts with almost every key CRM and sales enablement product, allowing it to fit seamlessly into your martech stack.

  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Credit card needed upon registration: No
  • Pricing: Subscription plans begin at US$49 per year.

4. Webflow - NoCode Web Design, CMS, and Hosting

Not a WordPress fan? Then Webflow may be precisely what you're looking for! Whereas the learning curve is somewhat higher than that of WordPress, it is a hundredfold more versatile, safer, and efficient.

Webflow's biggest feature, and possibly its most important invention, is its web design tool. Unlike comparable solutions, Webflow site designer provides front-end coding versatility without needing you to code. Naturally, there is a learning curve, but when you get the idea of it, you will be able to design websites as well as landing pages just as easily as if you could code.

However, what really elevates this tool is when CMS is integrated with the Designer. The content management system (CMS) allows you to construct collections, which are essentially customized content kinds. Each collection has fields (for example, a headline, plain text, a date, photos, colours, and perhaps even Rich Text) and may be easily linked to the Webflos Designer. As a result, you may utilize this collection to simultaneously upload and publish numerous articles or items.

Webflow will be the next generation of web development tools. It does not restrict what you can accomplish; it just speeds up the process – and simplifies it for marketers without technical expertise.

  • Free trial: No
  • Free plan: Yes (only in Account-based pricing)
  • Credit card needed upon registration: No
  • Pricing: Account-based (begins at $16/month); Site Based (begins at $12/ month ($29 for eCommerce)

5. Airtable — Spreadsheet-Database Management System

Airtable has been sweeping Silicon Valley, and we at Landbot couldn't help but succumb to its allure and usefulness. To put it simply, Airtable combines the finest of spreadsheet plus database functionality into one great cloud-based service.

Airtable can accumulate data in a visually attractive and simple-to-use spreadsheet format while simultaneously acting as a database for CRM, task or content marketing, project planning, and inventory monitoring, among other things. Apart from the standard spreadsheet functions, you may also use the Blocks function to add images, checkboxes, and star ratings to cells; construct associations between multiple tables, see data from other tables, and even develop your own applications without writing code!

For example, we've been utilizing Airtable to organize and filter client feedback gathered from our bots with project planning. Fortune, Time, and Money, among other online publishers, use it to organize their video and picture production schedules.

We like Airtable so much that we're only weeks away from launching native Landbot-Airtable integration. In seconds, you'll be able to link your bots to Airtable databases!

  • Free trial: Yes
  • Free plan: Yes
  • Credit card needed upon registration: No
  • Pricing: Begins at $10/month

To Sum Up

Thus, here is our selection of marketing technology products that we feel will provide value to your MarTech stack in 2022. True, there are plenty of others. However, we sincerely hope that our choices may assist you in narrowing your search. Whether your concentration is on B2C or B2B marketing, we are certain that at least one solution on this list may assist you in growing your company.


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